Real recognizes real and from the moment I first met Kathryn Finney, AKA the founder of Digital UnDivided (and Editor-at-Large at BlogHer), creator of the uber successful blog The Budget Fashionista, accomplished author and all around fabulous woman, I knew it and I felt it. Kathryn is as real as they come. She is the real deal Holyfield.

I’ve been lucky enough to get to know Kathryn on a personal level and she’s an endless inspiration to me. Fashion wise, business wise, and LIFE wise. She’s got big style and even bigger vision, and she’s not just a visionary for herself but she truly is out there to help others actualize theirs as well.

When Kathryn told me about Digital UnDivided’s FOCUS100 Conference, happening on Oct. 5 & 6, I could hear the passion in her voice and I knew this would be an amazing experience for women of color who are creators in the tech space.


“The startup ecosystem is changing, but there’s still a long way to go… FOCUS100 is not only providing the tools to inspire, motivate and mentor women of color in the tech industry, but its also pulling back the curtains to show a new side of tech, successful founders who just happen to be black women,” Kathryn explains. Luvvie is speaking at FOCUS100 and has a great interview with Kathryn that sheds even more light on the significance of this event. 

What’s happening at FOCUS100? Via Luvvie:

The FOCUS100 (#FOCUS100) symposium connects thought leaders, tech start ups founded or co-founded by black women, brand managers, and innovators. The symposium features one-on-one mentorship sessions, keynotes with game changers, panels on emerging technologies, and a PITCH session with top Angel and Venture Capitalists.

Most tickets are sold out – after all, this event takes place at the end of this week! But there are a few tickets left to the pitch session and symposium. For more info on FOCUS100, check out (@DigUnDiv) and you can register at FOCUS100?s Eventbrite page.


Doctor Cris says:
October 5, 2012, 9:54 am
Kathryn Finney and the Focus100 event sounds fantastic. There is a electric contagious vibe in the air when black women come together and celebrate and share their journeys and help others. I know the tech aspect plays a big part in branding, networking and communicating with our community. I love being a Blogger, Career and Lifestyle coach for others and the tech aspect plays such an important part in my success. Thanks for sharing this marvelous event with us!
Katherine says:
October 8, 2012, 7:07 am
Nice read with some great info.