Election Day is on Tuesday, November 6, 2012, and I am SO ready and so excited! This will be my first ever opportunity to vote here – as you may recall, I only just became a citizen last year! I’ve SO been looking forward to this year, to cast my vote for the candidate I believe in – President Barack Obama!


Remember how ugly the last election got? Sometimes I wonder how those super angry folks got over it all. During the last election cycle I wrote a LOT about my beliefs and political concerns, and I actually wound up losing a few readers in the process. This time around, I think the choices are really clear cut. I know who I’m voting for and WHY I’m voting for him. No matter who your candidate of choice is, please make sure your opinions are well informed and you’re getting information from both sides of the aisle.

You can click the image below to register to vote RIGHT NOW. Voter registration deadlines are coming up soon – October 8 or 9, in many states. The presidential election is in 36 days, and early voting has already begun! To find out your state’s voter identification requirements, visit ncsl.org.

Register to vote here!



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