I’ve long been a fan of Canadian cosmetics brand CoverFX, for many reasons.

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First of all, their products are incredible – highly effective, and made in an ever-widening variety for women all shades of beautiful. Secondly, the story behind the creation of the brand is so inspiring. And third, I’ve been lucky enough to meet the founders, to hear their stories, and to know the people who work for the brand and care so passionately about it, and I can honestly say they are all amazing. Great people who make a great product. So when they asked me to come with them to New York, to learn about the new formulations of CoverFX and to attend their fabulous re-launch party for their reformulated foundations and concealers, I said YES without giving it a second thought. I was so excited to see the new offerings from one of my favorite foundation brands.

The event was held at the beautiful Hotel Giraffe – there’s a gorgeous event space on the top floor, the perfect venue for a swanky beauty soiree. We had a ball!

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Before I get into the party – behold, the product!


Cover FX has changed their shade series – so now there’s a wider, more specific and helpful range from which you can find your ideal match. The P series is pink. The N series is neutral. The G series is golden. I assumed I’d be in the G range, but no! My ideal Cover FX shade is now N90.

And fret not, bellas – you can go to any Sephora and get matched. The new Cover FX shades are more precisely matched, they blend in smoother and easier, and when applied, they basically just look like your skin. But flawless. It’s everything I was looking for. AND it comes in great range for darker skin tones. (Danielle of Style and Beauty Doctor breaks that all the way down here).

I learned a lot about the new products from Cover FX executives, like Chief Innovation Officer Vic Casale (who totally looks like Bruce Banner circa The Avengers, please tell me if I’m wrong).

I’ll tell you more about the foundation and my love of it soon. Right now let’s get back into this PARTY!


Koren Zander AKA Enkore Makeup is so much fun! He’s one of my favorite makeup artists to watch, AND an awesome person to hang out with. Always love seeing him!


Gorgeous ladies!! From left to right that’s Jessica Andrews of The Glamazons, Danielle Grey of Style and Beauty Doctor, Felicia Walker-Benson of This That Beauty and Christene Carr, This That Beauty contributor!

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There we are with Yoli of Yoli’s Green Living – absolutely adore her!


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That’s the gorgeous and brilliant Melissa Shum, one of the best in the social media/PR game. She’s amazing!


That’s Cover FX’s Chief Innovation Officer Vic Casale and amazing makeup artist and Cover FX Canadian Sales Director Derek Selby, with my boo Sarah Conley of Style It Online!

Twas quite the fabulous New York evening. Stay tuned for even more of a breakdown about Cover FX’s new products – for now I’d recommend you go to Sephora and check them out in person if you’re looking for a new match for your skin tone. I’m thinking you’ll be very pleasantly surprised.


milaxx says:
November 9, 2012, 10:46 pm
Oh I LOVE Derek and Coverfx. I met Derek last year when I filmed a spt with coverfx for HSN. The line sold out so far it only aired twice! I'm going to try and take some before and after pics tomorrow to show the difference it makes on me. A year ago I had shingles. On my face. I posted a few pics on my tumblr to show just how bad they were. http://milaxx.tumblr.com/post/2901019398/shingles Anyway, post shingles I needed fuller coverage. A makeup artist on twitter suggested the product and it was an answer to my prayers. It covers my scars, and the resulting discoloration yet doesn't feel too heavy.
Phyrra says:
November 11, 2012, 12:57 am
That is so awesome! I'll have to check out the new Cover FX. And I agree, Koren is so nice!
Mom says:
November 13, 2012, 9:31 pm
Obviously you had a ballin LA. Love the pictures. Still basking in our week with you and Stephen. Thanks for putting away time for us. Love you.