Your boss turned your stress level all the way up to ten. You got an e mail that worked your last nerve. Your kids won’t take that nap you were really hoping they would. You need some therapy and a massage and an escape from everything that’s weighing you down. A vacation can’t come soon enough and the spa’s too far away. What can you do to seek immediate relief?

Do you have a bathtub? If yes, I recommend a course of medicinal, therapeutic bubble baths.

Bubble bath photo via Shutterstock.

In honor of National Bubble Bath Day – which apparently was Tuesday – I found myself taking a very necessary, very medicinal bubble bath at 11:30 pm. That bubble bath was what I needed after a long day of travel. As I let myself luxuriate, I could feel my inner energy bar begin to power back up. And it occurred to me – this is such an important, special ritual – one that more of us deserve to indulge in and appreciate.

So I’d like to share the finer points of taking the kind of bubble bath that will truly have restorative effects for your mind, body and soul, and I hope my tips make your weekend one of much deserved relaxation.

A bit of advanced planning is required for an ideal bubble bath – make sure your bathtub is spotless, before indulging in bubble bath therapy. There’s nothing more disquieting than noticing bathtub mold at eye level – I recommend good old Ajax or Comet powder for good old fashioned scrubbing, and a daily spritz with Lysol Bathroom Cleaner. Also, this helpful tip on Lifehacker promises to keep your shower curtain mold-free (I’ll let you know how that works out once I’ve tried it).

It begins with a clean tub, but a truly relaxing, recharging bubble bath experience doesn’t end there. I recommend you go over the top and romance yourself. Light some scented candles. Think of your bathroom as a respite from reality. Go inside. Lock the door. Light your favorite scented candle. Turn on some soft, relaxing music – I actually have a Spotify playlist for this purpose, not to be confused with my Shower Songs playlist. Taking a shower is a totally different vibe from a bubble bath, don’t get it twisted!

Turn on your water, and add your favorite bubble bath. Here are a few of my favorite brands, in case you’re looking for something new!

Lush. If you’re seeking a highly scented, unusual bath experience, look no further than Lush. The UK based brand is known for their environmental sensibilities and minimalist packaging, and if you’ve ever wandered past their displays at your favorite department store, you know they’re known for highly fragranced,colorful and enticing bath items. Their Bubble Bars crumble in warm bathwater and make your skin soft and incredible afterwards, but if you’re seeking billowing clouds of bubbles you might be disappointed. Bath Bombs are fizzy, not foamy – and a lot of fun.

Laura Mercier. If you’re looking for a bubble bath experience that speaks of luxury and decadence, I highly recommend getting into Laura Mercier’s honey bath products. Yes, it’s $40 for a 12 oz bottle. One whiff of the fragrance and you’ll understand why. This is luxe stuff! Laura Mercier’s Honey Baths come in scents like crème brulee, almond coconut, pistachio and ambre vanilla, and each jar comes with a wooden honey dipper. So cute!

Avon. For bubbles on a budget – and a wide variety of fragrances to choose from – Avon’s Bubble Delight is a sure bet. It’s the most bubbly of all the baths mentioned, and comes in a nice variety of fragrances, from fruity to fresh to floral. And the price point is nice – $8 for 24 oz. I highly recommend doubling your bathtime pleasure with a capful of  Skin So Soft bath oil (if you’re not averse to mineral oil, that is). I love it. I use it for my at home pedicures, and for my baths. And there are SO many more uses for Skin So Soft – check out this post featuring 81 uses for this classic product. I’ve been loving this combo for a minute (I featured both products in my e-boutique) and with good reason.

Shea Moisture. Everyone I know absolutely loves their hair products, but Shea Moisture also makes some bomb bath and body products! Their body lotions are divine, and their bath products are so underrated! Their bath soaks are therapeutic and will leave your skin silky soft – they come in different formulations, like raw shea and frankincense, lavender with wild orchid, olive oil and green tea, and lemongrass and ginger. If it’s a bubble bath you’re seeking, try their argan oil and raw shea bubble bath, or my favorite, lavender with wild orchid. It smells like soothing perfume, creates a beautiful bubble bath experience, and costs just $8.99 a bottle. Win.

For even more bubble bath recommendations, check out Glam’s list of their favorite bubble baths. And if you’ve got recommendations, please share with me in the comments!!



pets says:
January 13, 2013, 2:50 pm
Bubble baths take us back to when we were children playing and bathing in the tub - all those bubbles, the lovely smell and of course water. You can also add epsom salts to help ease aching muscles. Thanks for this reminder that baths can also be restorative and not just for getting clesan.
Chocolate Mom says:
January 14, 2013, 6:30 pm
I haven't had a bubble bath in about 6 years!!! Wow! I didn't even realize it had been that long! Definitely need a "Calgon take me away" moment!!!
Kathy says:
January 4, 2014, 11:46 pm
Try nancy boy's signature bubble bath
Fertility Drug treatment says:
February 12, 2014, 10:25 am
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