It’s always said that Pisces rules the feet, and this Pisces girl can testify that my feet have always been a factor. I have flat feet. Special needs feet. And a summer of nonchalance and flip flops led my feet to not feel their absolute best. I love it most when my feet are soft, clean, and not all callused and rough as they’ve been lately. And recently my feet were making me all sorts of sad.


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The recent emergence of what appeared to be a pair of cracked heels sent me into a foot shame spiral. I haven’t yet found THE perfect pedicure in Chicago — still looking! But during winter weather, I prefer to DIY my pedicures anyway (rather than wear plastic bags on my feet while rocking winter boots. Feels so weird!). Allow me to share my at home pedicure essentials!

When you go out for a pedicure, it’s all about the massaging chair and the warm Jacuzzi of water. It’s such a soothing feeling to kick back and have someone scrub your feet to softness again. A DIY pedicure lacks 95% of that relaxation factor. But you can still enjoy the experience if you use delicious enough products. For pedicures using an at home foot spa, I’m a big fan of good old Avon Skin So Soft — and as an Avon ambassador I’ve tried all the varieties. Pour in a capful — I’m partial to the new Skin So Soft Signature Silk bath oil  — and let your foot spa take you away. By the end of your soak, your feet will be noticeably softer. Seriously, this product has earned its name. (Avon also makes a whole line of Foot Works products dedicated to the cause).



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After I soak my feet I use a DIY salt scrub — coarse sea salt and olive oil work perfectly well. But for problem areas you need the right tool for the job, of course. I was sent the CVS Essence of Beauty Pedicure Kit which is $8.99 but works GREAT. Pretty much all of the CVS generic brand stuff works well, TBH IMO. The pumice attachment keeps the heels in check quite nicely.

For ultimate foot softness, it’s ALL about the butters, and a good pair of thick, soft socks. My feet cry out for shea and cocoa butter at certain times of year (like now). It really doesn’t matter the brand — DIY bellas who love to whip together butters, this is a chance to experiment with your favorite scented oils! I always LOVE Palmers products — click here to buy and 15% of sales will benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure! Of course The Body Shop always has great body butters — is it me, or did they add a TON of new fragrances? If you’re in the drugstore looking for foot stuff, I’ll say check out Palmers and Neutrogena’s Norwegian Formula Foot Cream. That stuff is great with some thick fluffy socks on.



For serious cracked heel and dry foot issues, I’ve got a recommendation for you. Try the new NightCare Heel Treatment Kit — $25 and it comes with a 2 oz tube of their Intensive Healing Foot Cream, which works well. But the KICKER is the Moisturizing Gel Heel Sock. This thing is incredible. It’s a Visco-GEL lined sock that hugs the heel and half your foot tightly to seal in moisture to the max. These socks soften calluses and dry, cracked feet like nothing else I’ve seen. My only lament is that the sock isn’t for the whole foot. I would wear it ALL DAY LONG.

Those are my latest favorite at home pedicure products. See anything you absolutely need? What are your favorites?



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