For 40 years, women of color have known and loved Fashion Fair Cosmetics. The venerable beauty brand based in Chicago was a staple in my formative years and I know I’m not the only one who remembers that familiar pink marbleized compact being on their mother’s dresser. The brand has been through so many changes through the years and now Fashion Fair is on an upswing in a new era, thanks in major part to the efforts of Creative Makeup Director Sam Fine. His debut collection set the bar high for makeup lovers and now, to celebrate their 40 years of creating beauty products for women of color, they have released the Fashion Fair Four capsule collection. It’s available in stores and online right here, right now!

Fashion Fair Four Capsule Collection via Afrobella


Each collection is beautifully packaged featuring stunning images by photographer Victor Skrebneski. Each package features a woman who represents an era of Fashion Fair history on the cover. Via HuffPo:

1970s_Foxy_box fashion fair
The 1970’s Foxy Capsule Collection: A tribute to our founder Eunice W. Johnson, containing feminine soft pink pallets to inspire the Fox in us all.


Fashion Fair Capsule Collection 2

The 1980’s Fresh Capsule Collection: Dedicated to the legacy of the hip-hop era, containing a set of sumptuous warm pink colors evoking fresh beauty.


Fashion Fair Capsule Collection 3


The 1990’s Sensuous Capsule Collection: Reflecting a new evolved era of beauty featuring rich, modern, and bright pink pallets celebrating the sensuality of a woman.

Fashion Fair collection

The 2000’s Divine Capsule Collection: Capturing the latest and hottest trends in beauty; featuring glamorous and bold pink shades that embody the divine power of beauty. (PS: the colors in this particular photo above are a bit brighter than what I experienced in person).

The packaging is gorgeous! It’s absolutely the kind of thing that anybody would be proud to display on the dresser. I’m so proud of Fashion Fair! The collection itself is beautifully presented, but how you feel about the items within entirely depends upon this question: Do you love pink? Do you really really love pink?

If so you are going to go crazy for this collection. Each package comes with a lip teaser, lipstick, nail lacquer and blush – all in shades of pink, evocative of the vintage Fashion Fair packaging swirls of marble.

In terms of packaging, the 1970’s “foxy” box featuring a woman with beautiful large afro is my favorite. In terms of the products within, I must admit I found the pinks to be a little subdued for my personal taste. I like a hot pink. A deep pink. So the 2000’s Divine Capsule was my fave in terms of color – the Divine Pink lipstick has a deeper hue and a violet undertone, and the Divine Pink lip teaser is bright, fun and summertime chic!

I love this new direction that Fashion Fair is heading in and I hope to see them continue to innovate their brand and draw from their rich history. I hope to see them continue to celebrate black beauty for years to come! The overall look of this collection is really encouraging — between this and Sam Fine’s outstanding makeup collection, I feel that the future is very bright for this classic legacy brand.

Is this particular collection made for me? Not so much, but that’s just because I’m not really that into pink. But if you are a diehard pink lover then you should run — don’t walk — to your nearest Fashion Fair counter. And if you’re not that into pink, I hope you’re not sleeping on those Sam Fine collection lipsticks, because they are to DIE for. Click here to shop!

What you think bellas? Are you here for the Fashion Fair Four capsule collection? Or is this a little too much pink for you?



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