What with the proliferation of natural hair brands taking over retail store shelves at places like Target and Walgreens, it’s even easier these days for aspiring naturals to enter into the world of natural hair products (and potential product junkie-ism). There are indie brands who have made it big, big brands who continue to grow, and brands that really focused more on relaxers in times past who have come to realize the wisdom and profits in natural hair sales. Ahem.

There are great brands to be found in mainstream retail stores and they are also amazing brands that have not yet been discovered by those mainstream retail stores. Some of these brands are ready to be prime time players, others will continue to thrive in a handmade mom-and-pop capacity. That’s the beauty of entrepreneurship!

Little Natural Hair Brands Doing It Big

I wrote a similar post to this in 2012 – click here to read Natural Hair Products – Who Got Next – and it was so cool to look back and see which brands made it to the mainstream! So now let me tell you about five of my favorite little independent hair brands that are doing it big in terms of quality and integrity. Some you’ve read about here before. Others you may not have heard about yet! All are worth your attention.



Coco Curls is intended to be the ultimate multi-use styling product for natural hair. Made by Jeannell Darden, the product came about after she dealt with damage after relaxing, drying and blow drying her hair into a frenzy. Jeannell went natural and found that there were too many products out there confusing and cluttering the market. Her engineering background came in handy in creating her Curly Styling Aid – the only product in the Coco Curls family right now. I love it as a hair moisturizer and styling product, especially in cooler months. Click to buy!


OBIA Natural Haircare is all about the moisture! Every product I’ve tried has been fabulous in terms of delivering the hydration my hair needs. Their Curl Moisture Cream and Curl Hydration Spray are both awesome. And for men who need natural hair care, there’s a men’s line too! Great quality everything. Click to buy!


Anu Essentials stepped into the natural hair arena with credentials galore. Created by renowned natural stylist, Anu Prestonia, founder of the Khamit Kinks salon in Brooklyn, these products simply deliver. Anu Essentials has specialized hair care for natural needs – I’m loving her Moisturizing Curling Cream right now! But the brand doesn’t stop there. Body butters, soaps, perfumes – is there anything Anu can’t do? (I doubt it)! Click here to shop!


Komaza Care is building a big, fabulous reputation in the natural hair community!  I was introduced to them by my homegirl Felicia Leatherwood of the Loving Your Hair With Natural Care Workshop. She put me onto their Coconut Hair Pudding when I was out in LA visiting last time, and she was so right – my hair fell in LOVE. I was sleeping on this brand, but I’m not anymore! Click here to shop!


Soultanicals has the whole package, if you ask me. Innovative products, cool packaging, and a genuine aesthetic for natural hair. Created by Ayo Ogun McCants, the Soultanicals credo is all about fresh, handmade, afro vegan LOVE. I’m a big fan of the Hair Sorrell Knappylicious Kink Drink. My hair loves it just as much as this Trini girl loves sorrel at Christmastime!

Add these to the list of national brands that I think have got next, alongside Koils By Nature, Naturalista cosmetics, Oyin, Cara B and so many other brands!

Those are my latest favorites of the independent natural hair brands that I have been blessed enough to try. Do you have any new favorites that I need to know about, bellas?


Ayo says:
May 1, 2013, 2:57 pm
We're so thrilled to be apart of this list of awesome, innovative brands! Soultanicals is honored and humbled by the love! Love Love, Love Afrobella! Thank you!!!
ashley wilson says:
May 1, 2013, 3:26 pm
I really like the site sportyafros.com Their site is amazing and I like the simplicity of their products.
Traci U. Cargill says:
May 2, 2013, 12:17 am
Your blog is great! I love it!
tiffany says:
May 9, 2013, 8:58 am
A new product junkie like myself loves this. My staples have been Curls, Natural Rock'N Inc, Naturally Me & Shee Be Kurlie. All great sisterpreneur companies.
Marissa says:
May 21, 2013, 10:28 pm
That's good. It's always nice to see more people opening businesses.
Marci says:
October 15, 2013, 12:39 pm
Great list! Purgasm Shop is another great up and coming brand!
MaryK says:
April 29, 2014, 8:04 am
Oh! I like this post! So many useful and beautiful things! I have curly hair and it is not so easy to take care about it! I think, I should try some of this care! And also, if you like to know something new about hairstyles and how to make yourself every day new and different, visit my blog!
Talisa says:
June 20, 2014, 3:15 pm
I've heard great things about many of these lines featured here but I have to tell you, some of our local (Trinidadian) natural hair brands are really showing up & making themselves known. A year ago I would've been saving up the pennies to order try out many of the u.s based lines, but in Trinidad the naturalistas here have been doing their thing & I can attest to their products being just as good as many of the international ones (I still love you Shea Moisture!). Patrice the next time you're at home I'd advise you to try out some goodies from the Eco Truffles line, Happy Curls Happy Girls and Wholesome You. I can SO see them being on some Target shelves in the near future ^_^