The Aveeno and Glam #healthyskin challenge continues!

We’ve discussed healthy food for inner and outer beauty, and we’ve discussed a few of my favorite Aveeno products. Now allow me to share a skincare confession. Now that I look back, I realize that I took absolutely horrendous care of my skin when I was in my twenties. All of the things you aren’t supposed to do, I totally did. I popped pimples with my bare, dirty fingers. I went to bed with a full face of makeup on – not just a few nights, but OFTEN. I didn’t see a dermatologist until I was in my thirties, but I was quick to slather on some mask I bought at the drugstore or to go to a day spa to get a facial from people I didn’t know were qualified to do their jobs. I didn’t always wear sunscreen.




This is me, with no makeup. I’m lucky my skin has aged as well as it has, considering.

As I grew up, I noticed that my skin was fighting back and it was a cyclical, self-caused pattern of abuse. I’d take terrible care of my skin, and wake up the next morning with acne because of not having removed my makeup. Then I’d squeeze said acne blemishes, resulting in hyperpigmentation. And worse, when I got into my thirties and moved up to Chicago, I started noticing my skin looked dry and dull. That tipped me to the fact that I needed a night time skin regimen. So here’s how I put my skin to bed at night. I’d love to hear about your night time skin care routine as well!

Step 1 – Remove ALL Makeup. I used to think a makeup wipe or two would do the job, but NO. Because I use such thick and hardcore eye makeup, I need a cleansing oil to effectively remove it all. I also am a fan of cleansing waters. Anything gentle that will dissolve the mascara and eyeliner.

Step 2 – Just Add Cleanser. On exceptionally lazy nights, I may stop with makeup removal. But really and truly in my heart I know my face isn’t clean without washing it with a cleaner. I love a gel-based acne fighting cleanser, and I love a creamy refreshing cleanser. I switch it up depending on climate and my skin’s needs.

Step 3 – I’m Into Toner Now. When did this happen? I started trying to make use of the toners I’d amassed along the way and a funny thing happened. I fell in love. A good toner makes my skin feel refreshed and clean without being stripped of all life. I also love the varieties of witch hazel you can get at health food stores. I recommend refrigerating your toner of choice. So refreshing for summer!

Step 4 – Pick Your Moisturizer. I like to switch up my moisturizer based on my skin’s needs. Sometimes it’s a serum, sometimes it’s a cream, and sometimes it’s a one-two layering combo intended for maximum hydration.

Step 5 – A Good Night’s Sleep. This is ESSENTIAL. Beauty sleep is real. If you’ve not gotten enough sleep and had to face the world the next day, you know the results. You can see it in your face, and if you’re consistently not getting enough sleep that is no bueno for your health, happiness or outer beauty. 8 hours a night. Get it in.

Step 6 – Wake Up, Drink Water Immediately. I learned this little trick from Amy Dubois Barnett, EIC of Ebony Magazine. I used to wake up and just be thirsty. Amy explained to me that when you wake up, you’re dehydrated. Now on her recommendation, I’m waking up and guzzling two glasses of water right away. It makes me feel better, and my skin is looking good for the summer. I’m pinning it on the water.

That’s how I put my face to bed at night and wake up in the morning. What’s your bedtime skin routine?


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