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I make a point of watching the annual celebration of amazingness that is Black Girls Rock every year on BET. My favorite actresses hanging out with my favorite singers, paying homage to incredible women who uplift and inspire on every level. Tributes to ladies who work hard every day, who are living legends, rock stars, shot callers and difference makers. Even through the TV screen, you can feel the warmth and sisterhood radiating through the screen. It’s an event I’ve wanted to attend for years and finally, this is my year! I’m SO excited to work with the MBIB platform and P&G brands Olay, COVERGIRL, and Pantene as they celebrate the 2015 Black Girls Rock! Awards! And through Instagram, I’m taking you with me!


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I’m so especially excited to be there this year, because My Black Is Beautiful will be celebrating their three-year program Imagine A Future (IAF), which encourages Black girls to be their best selves by providing them with tools and solutions needed during the most critical years of their lives. One of those tools is the Imagine A Future documentary, which tells the story of one girl’s journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. Have you seen Imagine A Future yet? If not, take half hour or so and sit here with me. Drink in these images and absorb this message.



So far, MBIB and Imagine A Future have reached more than 770,000+ Black women and girls, and the goal is to reach and teach one million Black girls to embrace their inner and outer beauty. I’m honored to work with them to spread the message, and I’m hoping you can join us. Here’s how!

Please watch and share the Imagine A Future documentary (check out

Please share how you “#ImagineAFuture” for Black girls on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

ALSO, you can host an Imagine A Future screening of your own, in your school,church, office or home! Visit to host a screening and download the facilitators guide.

This weekend you can follow my Instagram for photos and fun, and check out the #BlackGirlsRock hashtag, of course!

The show itself will air April 5, 7 EST 6 CST on BET.


pets says:
March 28, 2015, 8:49 am
Wish I could be there in person with you. Best wishes to Black Girls Rock & MBIB!
Michelle Burrell says:
April 1, 2015, 8:30 pm
I love Black Girls Rock! I make sure that I watch it every year. I have even donated to the program. I can't wait to see this years event on Sunday. Thank you for sharing about MBIB. Love it!