In the course of this blogging career, I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of meeting some amazing people who spread love, knowledge and beauty. One of the most amazing, is Dr. Kari Williams, hairstylist and trichologist to the stars. She’s based in Los Angeles and her client list includes some of your favorite singers and TV stars. I first met Dr. Kari in 2012 when she visited Chicago, and ever since then she’s been sharing incredible hair knowledge with me.





Now that I look back on the things I learned in that first meeting, I realize she’s been preaching and teaching some real natural hair truths all along. For example:

” You know how sometimes you ask someone what products they use in their hair and they’re like “oh whatever a little of this and a little of that?” Yeah, that’s not the best method. Dr. Kari believes it is best to have a product regimen, including shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, a lubricant and a styling product. She says staying within a specific product line is best because the product line has been made specifically to work together.”

“Lubrication and oil are important to our hair care. After conditioning, many oil the scalp or use grease, but grease just plasters the flakes from your scalp back down. Dr. Kari recommends using a light oil on the scalp but a heavier oil on the ends.”

“When you think of moisturizing hair, think WATER. Ingredients in your hair products should include water in the top five ingredients, and then oil.  Jojoba oil is also antibacterial, and contains Vitamin E.”

“For caring for locs, Dr. Kari recommends hot oil treatments, no heavy creams, and you should rinse lightly. Locs hold on to energy. Love them gently, treat them with care.”

Dr. Kari has BEEN telling me and her message has never changed. Dr. Kari effectively taught me the importance of oil to my natural hair’s health. So it totally makes sense to me that her brand new product line, AnnCarol Beauty, has launched with two amazing hair oils.

Dr Kari Ann Carol Beauty


I recently caught up with Dr. Kari on the phone and she told me that it took her two years to produce AnnCarol Beauty. There will be more products in store, but for now she’s got two amazing natural hair oils that are available for sale. Her Peppermint Chamomile oil is intended to soothe and revitalize the scalp, and her Coconut Lavender oil is intended to soothe the senses and reduce frizz – but it also has scalp soothing properties. I love multi-use oils, and both of her oils can be used for the scalp, for the hair, for the skin.

Everything Dr. Kari does is infused with her faith and her family. AnnCarol Beauty is intended to honor her mother, its name is a tribute to her. AnnCarol Beauty is intended to include the essentials for women who are going natural, or for those who feel overwhelmed by the proliferation of hair products promising the world to all who purchase. AnnCarol Beauty is about streamlining the product process. It’s not about texture or curl types or false promises. It’s about healthy hair, period.”It’s about simplifying the process. I take the approach of the trichologist, because the foundation for healthy natural hair extends throughout all hair types.”

So far, so awesome. I’m loving AnnCarol Beauty’s hair oils so far and I can’t wait to see Dr. Kari’s line of products grow! She’s so knowledgeable about our hair’s needs. For more on AnnCarol Beauty, visit their website, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Krissy says:
June 4, 2015, 3:35 pm
My sister got her hair done by Kari here in LA a few times and I loved her faux locs! So happy to see her getting her own line and look forward to trying it.
afrobella says:
June 4, 2015, 4:24 pm
Dr. Kari's pics make ME think about faux locs! They're so pretty and she does them so well!
Renisha says:
June 4, 2015, 7:09 pm
Ok, maybe I won't cut my locs off. I need some of this oil! So happy for her!
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