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To this day I can point to the scars on my knees and remember – this was from riding your bike down that gravel road, this is from when you and Dad fell together on the ten speed, that was from racing on the playing field at school.

Now that I’m older, I fall less but still have scars from memorable moments in my past. There’s the one from my Jamaican adventure, when I cut myself river tubing and wound up having to be on 10 days of antibiotics upon my return. The one from that fire hydrant that I swear snuck up on me in the Florida Keys. My most memorable and visible scar is the one from when my nose ring got accidentally ripped out in college. Yes, it was terrible. When I tell you, I cried instant tears. And if I knew then what I know now, I would have put some Neosporin + Pain, Itch, Scar ointment on it right away. I probably wouldn’t have this bump on my nose, if I did!

Hello, Healing!


In case you didn’t know, there’s a new Neosporin in town. I was already a fan of the previous formulation. But NOW, Neosporin + Pain, Itch, Scar can minimize the appearance of scars 38% better than no treatment. For me, it is all about healing quickly and protecting my skin! Life is full of minor injuries and I am especially prone to silly mistakes so I love keeping the new Neosporin close. And according to the J&J R&D team, it’s proven to heal wounds two days faster than store brand triple antibiotics, AND also kills more types of infectious bacteria than the leading topical prescription antibiotic. Between the general wound care, pain relief and scar treatment, I can admit that I’m a touch obsessed. I feel like I need it with me at all times, just in case! Be prepared, etcetera and so on!

I find it especially useful as a cat owner – Max is forever leaving me with playtime scratches. I’ve even used it on my face – not to treat acne, but to heal the wound left behind afterwards as a spot treatment. If I cut myself shaving: Neosporin. If I injure my cuticle during a home manicure: Neosporin. You get the picture. This new version’s promise to minimize scarring makes it even more of a must-have for me.

I may be a bit of a Neosporin addict, but I firmly believe “better safe than sorry,” and I learned the hard way to take it with me on the road. Ever since 2012 in LA at the Oscars when Luvvie cut her leg shaving in the bathroom sink (down to the white meat!) and the front desk didn’t have a first aid kit (!!!), I’ve taken it with me almost everywhere. Except Jamaica! And I totally regretted it after that experience.  Neosporin, aspirin and bandages now stay permanently in my travel bag.


Hello, Healing! (1)

Of course there’s no way to guarantee an injury won’t lead to a scar, but it makes me feel more reassured about my chances. You can find new Neosporin + Pain, Itch, Scar Ointment at your favorite drugstores and retailers, or click here to buy online!

How do YOU Neosporin? If you get a cut or small wound, how do you treat it? Share your healing tips with me!


pets says:
May 24, 2016, 11:03 am
The cuts, scars and bruises from growing up as a tomboy - show up on my knees, shins and arms. When we were small we were told that disinfectant like Dettol would be all that we needed. If Neosprin can clean, cure and prevent scars, then girls and women should definitely use it! You sold me! Thanks.