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There’s a debate at our home every year, right around this time. Call it The Great Tree Debate. My husband is in the Tree-After-Thanksgiving-And-Never-Before camp. I’m in the I-Was-Born-in-the-Caribbean-So-We-Can-Christmas-When-We-Want camp. Right now, the Christmas tree is lit and resplendent in our family living room in Trinidad. We don’t have Thanksgiving there, so it starts early. The radio stations play 100 days of Christmas music and parang season begins. At home, my family has traditionally put the tree up just before my older brother Patrick’s birthday (happy birthday, bro!). Our Christmas begins in early November and my husband (bless him, love him and keep him) just doesn’t get the rush. And I patiently explain to him, Christmas is the ray of light that brings us joy at the end of the year and so we celebrate as early and as long as possible. And there’s nothing wrong with that, so let people enjoy things.

The Great Tree Debate goes back and forth, but there’s one indisputable fact that we can’t help but agree upon – Advent is coming. Fun fact – advent is a Latin version of the word that means “coming” (advenio) and it means exactly that. Christmas is coming! Advent is the time to decorate and celebrate. In our house in Trinidad we gather to pray around the advent wreath. Another way that I love celebrating is with an advent calendar. Through the years I’ve gotten some cute and fun ones, typically involving candy. This year I’m so lucky to check out the 2017 L’Occitane advent calendars and they’re on another level! My fellow bellas who love luxury beauty, tiny things and travel size goodies – you will LOVE these!

L’Occitane is one of my favorite brands for luxe skincare and beauty goodies. Their hand creams are to die for, one stays in my purse at all times! For fall into winter skincare, that Light Shea Comforting Cream  is a go-to for skincare for both myself and my husband (he uses it all over face and head, he shaves his head). Beyond that, there are SO MANY L’Occitane products I’ve been dying to try. If you’re like me, you deserve one of these calendars in your life. Getting an early glimpse into these fabulous, beauty-full packages was literally like early Christmas.

Behold. The packaging. The ribbon. The adorable illustrations. The details within. Exquisite, and here’s what’s in it! A TON of little travel sized goodies and pampering products. Guess what all of the ladies on both sides of my family are about to enjoy? Stocking stuffers galore!

The delightful Wardrobe Oxygen also suggested busting one of these open during a decadent party, where everyone gets to take home their item of choice. Super cute idea for a holiday get-together!

On a personal note, there are quite a few products I’m looking forward to trying out enclosed in these calendars.  The Signature Advent Calendar (pictured above) retails at $69 but has a value of $104, and features 24 beauty products and illustrations by popular Parisian illustrator Kanako Kuno. If you’ve been dying to try L’Occitane’s creams, balms, soaps and lotions then this is ideal for you. It’s so pretty, fun, and perfect for gifting!

The Luxury Advent Calendar takes the concept and kicks it up another level. Check out this luxe gold packaging and ribbon, first of all.

Now open up to see what’s inside. Isn’t this adorable?

The Luxury Advent Calendar retails for $104 but the actual value is $174.50. You get the Kamako illustrations, but instead of 24 items behind little doors, they come wrapped and tucked into little drawers. This whole package makes me eager to get crafty post-holiday – this can totally be repurposed, no? The luxury calendar includes creams, balms, soaps and lotions but also perfumes and fancy skincare from the Immortelle collection. Keep it for yourself, gift to a loved one, or split it up and keep some goodies for you and stuff stockings with the rest! That way nobody has to know if you kept ALL those decadent hand creams for yourself.

Click here to check out L’Occitane’s beauty advent calendars and other gift ideas! Thanks for the lovely beauty goodies, L’Occitane – can’t wait to try something new!

This post is in partnership with the CJ Affiliate VIP Content Service, and sponsored by L’Occitane en Provence.


Jcw says:
November 15, 2017, 10:10 am
What a great advent calendar! I just bought it on Sephora (20% off today). I like your family's idea and am considering filling my other advent calendar with chocolate asap and getting a tree early as well.
MamaBella says:
November 15, 2017, 10:21 am
A novel spin on Advent Calendars! Would wish to get one or two or...