Sofn’Free Giveaway Winners!

Afrobella's 12 Days of Christmas - 9th Day Goodies from Sofn'free

It seems we’re all dealing with the same kinds of hair issues at this time of year. Dryness, breakage, and just generally weather-caused brittle, weak, damaged tresses. Yes, I feel you and then some. Hard times, who knows better than I? So allow me to offer solutions to your hair moisture issues. Here are the […]

Winter Natural Hair Care – My Routine


You may have read this over at Curly Nikki last week during our article swap! If you didn’t, and you’d like to read about my winter hair care routine – here you go! (this has been slightly edited from the previous post!) (like my jacket? It’s by Sejour! expect an epic post soon!) My hair […]

12 Days of Giveaways – Day 9. Sofn’free GroHealthy Giveaway!


2010 has been quite a year. Through the ups and downs, you’ve stuck by me and I am thankful for every one of you! To celebrate 4 years of Afrobella, my site being back up and running, happiness and health – I’m giving you 12 Days of Giveaways! On the 9th day of giveaways, Afrobella […]

Miss Jessie’s Giveaway Winners!

Miss Jessies Super Sweetback

WOW, y’all were feeling that Miss Jessie’s giveaway! 169 of you entered, but only 11 will win. So without further ado, here are the winners! 1. Supa Natural 2. MzMillion 3. MzPastryChef 4. C Michelle 5. Soleilchocolat 6. Notorious Spinks 7. Daree 8. Warrior11209 9. Aretha Thompson 10. Momof3girlz 11. Angela A Congratulations to you […]

Curly Nikki’s Winter Hair Routine


It’s not official in the calendar yet, but ask anyone who lives up north and they’ll tell you – IT IS WINTER. Here in Chicago it’s cold, blustery, snowy and windy and did I already say cold?? I forgot. Cause it’s so COLD in the C! I’m still new to the winter thing, so I […]

Afrobella on!


You know when you’ve got big awesome exciting news and you wanna share it, but it isn’t the right time, so you keep it inside yourself and it kinda feels like you’re holding your breath? That’s how I’ve been feeling for oh, a couple of months now. And finally I can exhale and tell you […]

Hot Holiday Hairstyles for Natural Hair!

Afrobella Felicia Leatherwood exclusive l love Lucy2

In case you didn’t know, my friend Felicia Leatherwood is a genius with natural hair! Anyone who’s been to one of her Loving Your Hair With Natural Care Workshops can testify! If you are seeking tips for natural hair, you need to be a member of her Facebook page and follow her on Twitter – […]