Afrobella Anniversary Giveaway – Carol’s Daughter and Mary J. Blige’s My Life Blossom PLUS Monoi Hair Goodness!

Carol's Daughter Monoi

Afrobella Anniversary Week = all giveaways, all week long! This one’s from one of my favorite brands – Carol’s Daughter. We’ve both come such a long way. Little known fact about this here blog — Lisa Price was one of the first entrepreneurs I met in the natural hair and beauty business. A Carol’s Daughter […]

Afrobella’s Rachel Roy Giveaway!

Some may make it seem oh so effortless, but it totally isn’t. Being a fashionista is hard work. It requires planning, creativity, and a flexible budget. If you’re gearing up for a special event (like say, a holiday party), it’s even harder. What’s the dress code? Who’s gonna be there? How will the weather play […]