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Bubble baths are among my top favorite things in life. I don’t get to bask in their luxury often enough, but when I do it’s a ritual. I even have a Spotify playlist dedicated to Sunday bubblebaths. I get the water to the right temperature, add my bubbles and salts and milk powder or sometimes flower petals (because we have one life to live and let it be decadent and glorious). I put my playlist on. Sometimes I dim the lights or light some candles for additional ambiance. And then I plunge into the peace that only a good bubble bath can bring, indulging in necessary self-care and restoration.


I have a variety of bubble bath concoctions I love, but you know I love my legacy brands – the products that have celebrated years as industry leaders for a reason. When I think back on my personal history of bubble baths, I can’t help but smile and think of Mr. Bubble. The classic pink bottle was a mainstay that I remember using even back in Trinidad.


Maybe you’re like me and remember the old pink bottle with that familiar smiling Mr. Bubble face. But did you know that Mr. Bubble started out in powder form? That’s right — this year is Mr. Bubble’s 55th anniversary – click here to check out their beauty brand history. The venerable bubble bath product was started in 1961 by Harold Shaffer, and his Powder Bubble Bath was intended to be an affordable formula that could allow everyone to enjoy the luxury of a bubble bath. Initially the product was marketed to be used by both kids and adults, and one side of the box showed a young boy in the bath and the other side a grownwoman. That’s right! Moms and cool aunts and grandmas and grown women – Mr. Bubble was ALWAYS intended for us! And now the classic brand we love has given us an attractive new upgrade and a new suite of pampering products for adults: Luxe by Mr. Bubble. Check it out!


 Wrapped in  retro cool signature Mr. Bubble pink, seafoam green and blushed peach reusable packaging to match each fragrance, fans have their choice of an array of individual new products including Bubble the Day Away Powdered Bubble Bath (back by popular demand and in a reusable tin), Daydream Shower Crème, All Buttered Up Body Butter, Just a Spritz Fragrance Mist, Shine On Lip Balm in a retro tin slide-top and Bubbletini Bath Bombs, served in a martini shaker should soakers need to whip up a cocktail while relaxing in luxurious suds.

 Products come in the traditional Mr. Bubble fragrance, and two new ones: Sweet & Clean and Sparkling Sorbet.”

I had to ask my friends at Mr. Bubble what led to the new line after all these years.

The nostalgia of the scent and the happy memories Mr. Bubble brings, along with the number of adults that regularly use Mr. Bubble, led us to develop our Luxe line, said Michelle Hanson, Director of Marketing, Bath & Body. “We wanted to offer adult consumers the chance to own products made just for them, reviving the love for the Powder Bubble Bath and adding other bath products that would enable consumers to relax and pamper themselves in a scent they know and love.” Works for me!

I can tell you that I’ve tried the new Luxe by Mr. Bubble products, and they’re exactly what the bubble bath lover inside me needed to upgrade my experience and my memories. It’s the same great original Mr. Bubble scent I’ve loved for so long, with a fun vintage inspired style upgrade. I’m definitely into the Bubbletini Bath Bombs, packaged in a cute cocktail shaker.


Maybe you’ve seen these retro-chic box sets around the endcaps at Target recently. There are Luxe by Mr. Bubble exclusive gift sets there right now, packaged together by fragrance – Original Bubble (pink) and Sweet & Clean (green. My personal fave).


Such a cute gift idea, right?

Just in time for the holidays, my friends at Mr. Bubble are offering FIVE of these super cute Target gift sets to Afrobella readers within the USA! How do you enter, how do you win?

Leave a comment below telling me how you pamper yourself, escape and indulge in me-time when you need it. 5 lucky readers will be chosen and this contest will be closed the day after Thanksgiving. Good luck!

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This post is sponsored by Mr. Bubble, but opinions are all my own!

EDITED 12/6: And the lucky winners are as follows:


Melissa Cavallini (Nov 25)
Dana Freeman (Nov 22)
Valerie Villarreal (Nov 22)
Maggie says (Nov 22)
Sandra says (Nov 21)
I’ll be in touch to get your addresses! Congratulations!