How to Disguise Your Raggedy Eyebrows

How To Disguise Your Raggedy Eyebrows

My one main area of beauty deficiency is my brows. There are areas where they’re too thin and I often forget to fill them in before heading out. Then I see a photo of myself and I’m like….oh. I’m terrible about maintaining them. I have a fairly full brow and a decent arch, and I’ll […]

12 Days of Giveaways! 6 Tweezerman Brow Bubbles for Facebook Fans ONLY!


Today’s giveaway has a twist! It’s exclusively for my Facebook fans! If you’d like to enter today’s giveaway, where 6 lucky winners will win a Tweezerman brow bubble each – click here to “like” my Facebook page and enter! And click here to like Tweezerman’s FB page too! Good luck, bellas! And stay tuned – […]

Rashida B, Eyebrow Goddess

In the world of eyebrow shaping, there are the laypeople (the ones who wax you at any standard day spa or mall outlet), and there are the superstars — Anastasia, Damone Roberts, and Miss Rashida B., among them. Rashida flits between Miami and Chicago, beautifying the brows of the truly fabulous in both cities. When […]

Ask Afrobella Part Deux — On Brows

There were soooooo many comments and questions about eyebrow maintenance in the previous post on hair removal, I’m just gonna go ahead and answer a few questions right here right now. Otherwise it’ll be ANOTHER thing I was supposed to do three months ago. I’ve done it all. Waxed, plucked, and lately — threaded. I’m […]