Curl Couture! Fashion’s Night Out FUN with Beautiful Textures


Fashion’s Night Out can be too much and too crazy – especially in New York. But it’s still one of my favorite parts of fashion week. I love that it’s made fashion an EVENT. I love that it’s made fashion a democracy. Now it’s up to you how to celebrate – if you’re into makeup, […]

On My Way to NYC!


I really didn’t plan on being in New York for Fashion Week in February. Last September’s NYFW left me spent, stressed, and a little poorer for the experience (literally). I said to myself, self, you won’t be going back to New York and entering the NYFW vortex until September 2011. But then an e mail […]

5 Places I’d Love to Re-Visit in NYC

New York, New York! I have a love/hate relationship with the city, I can’t deny. I love it because there’s so much to see and do and experience! It’s the epicenter of absolutely everything I’m into – writing, blogging, beauty, style, good food, fun… I hate it because I don’t live there. Don’t get me […]