I really didn’t plan on being in New York for Fashion Week in February. Last September’s NYFW left me spent, stressed, and a little poorer for the experience (literally). I said to myself, self, you won’t be going back to New York and entering the NYFW vortex until September 2011.

But then an e mail from Brandon Holley landed in my inbox. Yes, Lucky Magazine’s EIC, Brandon Holley. I couldn’t believe it either! It was an invitation to the first ever Lucky Magazine Fashion and Beauty Bloggers Conference. And I couldn’t say no to THAT, now could I?

So if I’m a tad AWOL this week, it’s because I’m in New York for a jam-packed whirlwind working week and the beginning of NYFW. I promise to blog about every last detail as soon as I can! For by-the-minute coverage of what I’m experiencing, please check me out on Twitter and Facebook.

Wish me luck, bellas. NYC, here I come (again)!



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