Celebrate for a Cause


Friends in Chicago, the weather may be chilly and the streets may still be slushy — but I hope you’re still going out and about despite it all. Because on February 21, I’d love to meet you at a truly delicious event! My friend Courtney of the awesome food blog CocoCooks is part of a […]

A Post Valentine’s Giveaway

I hope you enjoyed Valentine’s Day! We enjoyed a beautiful and romantic day here in Chicago. We spent the morning in Chinatown, attending the Chinese New Year parade. Yesterday was the first day of the Year of the Tiger, and Chinatown was densely packed with onlookers. You can see some photos from the day here […]

A Valentine’s Menu for You!


Valentine’s Day is almost here! A celebration of love, flowers, chocolates, and everything decorated in pink and red. And all of that celebration costs money. I don’t know about y’all, but the recession is still taking place at my house. And tax season is here…woo, Lord put a hand. Valentine’s Day can still be romantic […]

The Fiercest Barbie You’ve Seen Thus Far

Phillip _Crangi_M1

I’ve thrown a little shade at Barbara Millicent Roberts — better known as Barbie — over the years. But that isn’t because I don’t LOVE Barbie’s style and wish I too could have a pink Caddy, dream house, and a veritable battery of lucrative and fun occupations. I’ve just had a hard time finding a […]

All I Want For Christmas…


Being a beauty and style blogger means one thing come holiday time — you are hard to shop for. I don’t mean to be, and I think I’m a pretty easy-to-please person, but for some reason my relatives and loved ones are feeling some kinda pressure in the gift department. So I’m going to make […]

Calling All Models: Purple Lab Wants YOU!


Last September during New York Fashion Week, I had the pleasure of meeting Karen Robinovitz, the dynamo creatrix behind Purple Lab. It was as close to meeting Carrie Bradshaw as I’ll ever get. Karen is a firecracker. She’s sweet, petite, dressed to the nines, and so dedicated to the business of beauty that it’s inspiring […]

The Princess and the Frog — Did You See It?

Princess Tiana, gazing wistfully as Disney Princesses do

Bellas, I’ve been flat in bed with a sore throat, sniffles, and a stuffy head all weekend so far…so I haven’t had a chance to make it to the theater. BUT this is a big weekend! Disney’s The Princess and The Frog has finally been released, and I know SO many people who have planned […]