Gifts for the Grown and Sexy


IMO, most magazine sex advice is good for one thing. Jokes. Seriously, my husband and I read Cosmo’s sex tips when we’re in line at the grocery store and just LOL. As The Frisky says: “while many of Cosmo‘s columns are relatively harmless, the “Things to Try In Bed” features are occasionally so far off […]

A Little Bella-Cation

As I write this, I’m looking out the window at my very first Chicago snow. The flakes are swirling in the air and my kitty cat is quite perplexed by this new phenomenon. This ain’t Miami anymore, Max! It’s warm and cozy inside, and like every good Caribbean resident-of-a-foreign-land, I have a variety of houseplants […]

Natural Hair Is Everywhere!


For so many years it seemed that images of natural hair in media were uncommon. For so long it seemed like the standard photograph of a woman of color in an ad had to be a bella with stick straightened hair. But the tide has changed and now I see beautiful images of women of […]

Happy Birthday, Sesame Street!


Sesame Street has been a tremendous influence on my life, and throughout the history of this blog I’ve celebrated the series on several occasions. Today I take special pleasure in giving tribute to the Children’s Television Workshop, Jim Henson’s genius, and Sesame Street. Today the legendary program turns 40 years old. That’s HUGE! Sesame Street […]

Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween, everyone! My days of dressing up just might be over, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be enjoying the candy! I’m gonna wait till tomorrow, and catch the sales at the drugstore! Halloween has become so much more commercial since I was a little one. Back in the day, your mama might make […]

Martha Washington = Rosario Dawson?

Little known fact about Afrobella – I grew up reading comic books. Avidly. It started with Archie (which for some insane reason was super popular in my primary school days), and when I was a bit older I graduated to REAL comics. And graphic novels. The kind of subject matter a twelve year old probably […]

Lena Horne, Auntie In My Head

Sometimes, randomly I’ll wonder what she’s up to. Is she in good health? Is she still lucid? Is she surrounded by people who love her and care for her? I hope and pray she is. Lena Horne is a living legend who has retreated completely from the spotlight. She turned 92 on June 30, and […]