We Need Some Real Hair in Here

LOL! This made me cackle out loud. No shade to my be-weaved amigas, I hope everyone finds a laugh in this. The original song, Too Many Man (We Need Some More Girls In Here was a hit for Boy Better Know,

Fabulous Fourth Cocktails!

Bellas, now that we’ve done the eating healthy portion of our 4th of July weekend, might I propose a toast? Cheers to fabulous 4th of July cocktails! But only if you’re over 21, mmmkay? Part of the fun of having an at-home celebration is whipping up deliciousness in the kitchen and serving your guests something […]

Lessons From My Father

My homegirl Renae of the ever-inspirational In Her Shoes blog put together a wonderful Father’s Day post featuring yours truly. I was asked to share the best wisdom my dad taught me over the years. After considering all the priceless bon mots and tidbits of advice my father has offered over my 30 years of […]

There’s Nothing We Women Can’t Be!

Consider this your daily reminder, courtesy of an old school Sesame Street clip! I grew up a Sesame Street junkie, and this song was always one of my favorites. The empowering message resonated with me at an early age — “just look around you, it’s easy to see. There’s NOTHING we women can’t be!” This […]

Afrobella Loves the Crazy Turtle Lady!

I was sent this inspiring CNN story about Trinidadian woman Susan Lakhan Baptiste yesterday, and just had to share it with you bellas and fellas. I love animals, and I have so much respect for animal lovers and activists. Susan Lakhan Baptiste has made it her life’s mission to protect the endangered leatherback turtles that […]

Travel Week!

Wow, bellas! 2009 really has been the year of change I intended it to be. Finally, I’m in Chicago after traveling everywhere from New York City to Trinidad. And finally I realize — I’ve got some travel writing to do! I will admit, I waited a while in the hopes that I could somehow publish […]

5 Things I Will Miss Most About Miami

The truck’s loaded up, the house is as empty and clean as the day we moved into it three years ago, and the time has come to say goodbye to my home of the past 11 years, the only American city I’ve ever lived in. Will you miss me, Miami? I’ll miss you. Not all […]