5 New Fave Body Washes

My daily shower routine is a little bizarre I guess.


I like to use bar soap first, then slough my skin with a decadent, lavishly scented body wash using my trusty bath puff-thingy. And I like to have several options at the ready. How do I choose the body wash du jour? That entirely depends on the day and the vibe I want to enjoy for the next 24 hours (unless I feel like spoiling myself with an evening shower too)!

These are my top 5 current fave body washes. There’s one for every beauty lover’s taste — expensive, affordable, and every price point in between!

1. Caress Evenly Gorgeous Body Wash. OK, I’ll make it a tie with Caress Cashmere Luxury Body Wash, just because I love anything and everything vanilla! But if you have rough skin or just want really soft smooth skin, Evenly Gorgeous is the one for you. It’s infused with burnt brown sugar and karite butter to tone and exfoliate, and I gotta tell ya, it smells delish. And apparently Spoiled Pretty and Kim Kardashian agree with me!

The texture isn’t too grainy so this won’t irritate my sensitive-skinned bellas. Plus it’s affordable and here’s a bonus — coupon, anyone?

Caress has a great initiative with fashion guru Carson Kressley, all about flaunting your skin with the hottest clothing trends. Click here to peep his vids and be inspired!


2. Bodycology Foaming Bath & Shower Gel. If you really like the kind of lush scented body washes available at Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret but don’t want to break a Hamilton, check out Bodycology, a line of bath products that cost under $10 and are typically available at supermarkets and Walmart, but smell like heaven. I’ve tried a number of their scents, but I keep returning to White Gardenia and the delicious Coconut Lime, SO refreshing for summertime!

3. 100% Pure Tahiti Coconut/Vanilla Foaming Body Wash. Just because you’re into organic, pure, natural living doesn’t mean you are forever condemned to smell like patchouli and sweat! I seriously love the 100% Pure line of bath and body products. Their shower gels come in a dazzling and delicious array. This island bella goes gaga for anything vanilla or anything coconut as you’ll notice, so put them two of them together and OMG, foaming bathtime heaven!
For $15 you can cop a taste of Tahiti at Bath & Body Works. Or by clicking right here.


4. Neutrogena Rainbath is the OG of high-end drugstore goodness. Mama Bella has sworn by it for years, and when I was younger I’d occasionally sneak drips of her Rainbath for my own shower experience, just because I wanted to smell like a grown woman should! Rainbath smells fresh, clean, feminine, grown, and sexy IMO. It’s a perfect summer body wash — leaves my skin feeling very soft and lightly moisturized. And one botle can last a while if you’re judicious (and don’t have a pesky teenager stealing from ut all the time)!

5. Kai Fragrances Body Buffer, which I got from PlanetBeauty.com. Ever since I realized Kai was one of Oprah’s favorite things, it’s been on my radar. You know Oprah’s always using good stuff, and this was a no brainer for me. Hints of gardenia and white flowers, evocative of Hawaii — right up my alley!


The body buffer isn’t exactly a traditional body wash, far from it. The $36 package includes two body buffers — round, white sponge-like bath puffs that are heavily saturated with heavenly scented Kai goodness. $36 is a bit steep, but this is high-end goodness, and they’re guaranteed to last at least 30 showers (more if you save them and let em dry out between uses). Soak the buffer, scrub your skin, then smell yourself. Mmmmmm! For even more scent, follow up with the body lotion and the perfume oil. Believe me when I say, someone will ask you about the delicious scent you’re wearing if you rock this stuff.

Whew! I didn’t realize I had so many delicious shower scents at the ready. What’s your favorite body wash? I’m always down to try something new!

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  1. mysskay says:

    I recently became a big fan of St. Ives shea butter & oatmeal. It’s not tested on animals either (big plus).

    Although lately, I’ve been considering finding a more natural product. If you come across any or decide to do a post, let me know!

    @mysskay (twitter)

  2. I need to try the the caress evenly gorgeous…and put the kai body buffer on my list of things to get later

  3. I’m a citrus gal. I like pretty much anything that smells like grapefruit, lemon, etc… I mostly buy suave cause they tend to inexpensive. I went to bath & body works this weekend and they were having 75% off and sticked up on body wash. Personally I hate bar soap cause it dries out my skin.

  4. Thanks for this list. I’m personally in love with SoftSoap body butter coconut scrub. Smells soo delish! And at 3.99 retail, you can’t beat it!

  5. I have been using Dermalogica Conditioning Body Wash for at least 8 years. It’s a botanical, soap-free cleanser that leaves my skin clean, and very soft. There’s just nothing better on the market. And I learned from an esthetician to do a dry body brushing before you shower. Using dry brushing and Conditionaing Body Wash your skin will feel baby soft. Loves it!

  6. I mostly just use Lever 2000 bar soap, but when I’m feeling like smelling girly, Bath and Body Works’ Japanese Cherry Blossom is my go-to, along with the lotion and the body mist. The scent is divine!

    And since you asked, I NEVER thought to use Suave body wash (I use the conditioner all the time), but they just sent me some shower gels and lotions from their new line to try and to give away on my blog and they are really wonderful! I’m not just saying that because of the giveaway, they are actually heavenly. I got all the new scents, but my favorite of them is the Wild Cherry Blossom. It’s almost…almost…as lovely as the Japanese Cherry Blossom from BBW.

    Thanks for this post…that Caress is SO on my list.

  7. MommyMel says:

    I swear by Dr. Bronner’s Castille Soap. It’s all natural, does not leave a film on my skin, does not dry out my skin, is ultra affordable and leaves my skin so soft! I prefer the almond scent for every day, tea tree once a week and when wearing a perfume or scented lotion, use the baby mild (same soap no scent). Whenever I am tempted by the scent of another soap and try it, my skin feels weighed down from the film and then so dry later that I’ve got to the point that I don’t try others.

  8. Sumatra77 says:

    That’s funny, we have the same bizarre routine. I use a bar soap and wash cloth first, then a shower gel and buffer next. Softsoap has some nice smelling stuff and it’s not drying.

  9. My favorite is Shikai Moisturizing Shower Gel in Yuzu. It smells sooo good, and is also really moisturizing. I recently tried Bath and Body Works’ For Heaven’s Saké Oil-To-Cream Shower Wash and this has also gotten a permanent place in my shower rotation. It’s moisturizing, smells good and the oil based formula makes it a little different from the usual body wash.

  10. I too wash with a wash cloth or shower gloves and bar soap first, and until right now, I thought it was odd. My favorite bar soaps are Oil of Olay and Dove, and I usually go for the unscented and follow up with a moisturizing body wash and in-shower lotion. My absolute favorite shower gel–Johnson & Johnson’s baby oil body wash–has been discontinued (or at least it’s no longer sold where I live). It has a light, clean scent and is incredibly moisturizing. I really hope they bring it back. Until then I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Suave’s Cocoa butter body wash. It’s thick and really moisturizing. When it comes to scent, I love citrus so I like Bodycology’s Grapefruit shower gel and C.O.Bigelow’s lemon lime body wash.

  11. Mochagold says:

    Love, love Neutrogena Rainbath it feel so good on my skin especially in the Summer time. The classic and the grapefruit fragrances are my favorite.

  12. nolagirl says:

    I love johnson baby oil body wash. I fell in love year ago and I can’t find it anymore. Maybe I’ll try rain bath. I don’t like bar soap because I feel like it doesn’t rinse off.

  13. You are so right on with these picks!

  14. I wanted to like the caress evenly gorgeous but the smell was a little too strong. I tried another caress scent and it didnt agree ith my skin either. Ive been using Burt’s bees citrus and ginger body gel, it’s great but I’d like something a little stronger for summer.

  15. Famudani says:

    I’ve always LOVED Bath & Body Works Body Washes. As a matter of fact they have a sale going on right now!

    Prices are great (when the sale is on- 4-5 dollars!) When its not on they are usually $9.50 for a 10 oz.

    My favs are Exotic Coconut White Tea, Brown Sugar & Fig (yummy) and a slew of others

    Have a superfantabulous day Bellas!!!!!!

  16. rotipelau says:

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  17. Hi, Afrobella you are doing africa proud with this lovely blog and interesting reviews!

    pleased to be acquainted!

  18. I love B&BW Velvet Tuberose or Butterfly Flower creamy body wash. I also love Suave Lavender & Vanilla body wash. And I never thought Dial would make a body wash I like, but their Yogurt Honey Vanilla is very rich and smells great.

  19. shay_d_lady says:

    I do the same thing! i wssh with a reg soap and then a body wash puffy thing.. i started doing that when I realized that some body washes leave a film….
    but the caress is the bomb I have not tried the evenly gorgeous but I will be buying that tonight.. I love the neutrogena rainbath and follow it with some of that sesame oil? talk aboout smooth….

  20. michelle coleman says:

    also try bliss lemon sage — it smells fantastic! and kiehl’s musk — manly yes, but i like it too.

  21. Martamique Ngozi says:

    u never lied about that
    coconut and lime. when
    i dont really have the
    money to go out and buy
    my usual more expensive
    body fragrances that one
    never fails it always
    smells great ive never
    tried the body wash though

    i will be now


  22. OK, so I never run out and buy things that is mentioned online. But yesterday I was in CVS and remembered you saying how great the caress evenly gorgeous smelt, so I went over and had a wiff. OMGosh, it smelt so good I had to buy a bottle. My shower last night was heavenly.

  23. I Love Neutorgena Rainbath body wash. Its a trid and true product thats been out for such a long time. Thou it is a bit expensive in these times you know.

  24. I love body washes, Afrobella, but the treehugger in me is not crazy about those disposable plastic bottles they come in!

    Any suggestions?

  25. What about hand made soaps? The same ingredients that you refrain from putting in your hair (silicone, SLS, etc…) are in those body washes. I love to make my own soap and the scent of Yuzu is one of my faves!

  26. You make feel dirty since I go straight to the body wash and loofah! haha!

    Excited to try these new body washes…I usually buy whatever’s on sale from Target. Usually it’s Caress, St. Ives or Softsoap. :)

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