Mascara commercials irk me to no end. Every time I see an ad on TV for a mascara promising to volumize my lashes by unbelievable amounts, it makes me want to flip channels.

Because #1 – the model or celebrity in the ad is most likely wearing fake lashes, and

#2 – if it’s a product that promises to make your lashes grow, there’s most likely a side effect I’m not comfortable with. That “Lashisse” parody scared me straight for a while!

While I remain hesitant about certain forms of lash boosting, I am ALL about trying mascaras and lash primers that add volume. My obsession du jour is DiorShow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum – it makes my lashes look ultra lush no matter what!

Sold exclusively at Sephora, this is Dior’s first lash primer. You apply it under mascara, or by itself at night as a deep conditioning treatment for your lashes. It applies white and opaque, but dries clear if you wait.

Dior’s lash primer really helps my lashes stay neatly and uniformly coated and curled – I have a few wonky lashes that always want to tangle or lean to the side, or grow straight when all the others curl. This serum helps to keep my otherwise unruly lashes in line, until my mascara of choice darkens them and keeps them in place.

Usually I apply a coat of DiorShow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum, then apply my mascara of choice. And of course they recommend you pair it with DiorShow mascara of course…but the serum makes every mascara glide on smooth, look thicker, and last longer. In these dog days of summer I am LOVING it.

I know I don’t do the lash photos like my girl Clumps of Mascara does…but I am wearing DiorShow Maximizer under my stand-by, Maybelline Full and Soft in this pic. Just so you know – it will also give your drugstore faves that extra special Dior oomph.

DiorShow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum is exclusively at Sephora and costs $28. And in my opinion – you deserve it in your life!

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