Plus Size Designer Collaborations at Target – Best Idea EVER!

An idea has been marinating in my mind for the last few weeks.

It was sparked when I went shopping in the suburbs of Illinois, and realized how many items of beautiful plus size designer clothing was for sale. TJ Maxx. Nordstrom Rack. Marshalls. All of these stores had heavy racks of Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Michael Kors plus size clothes. And when I came home, so excited with my stash, wanting to blog about these killer finds…nary a link to be found.

I wore my killer designer finds to events around New York Fashion Week.

And when I had the incredible opportunity to interview one of my favorite designers – Rachel Roy – shout out to Tafari Stevenson Howard for the DOPE photo! – it all came up in our discussion.

Watch the video below to see! Rachel and I bond on jewelry, being charitable and giving with your creative talents, and the possiblity and promise of a Rachel Roy plus size collection.

Now THAT is a 5 minute interview! We covered so many topics – more to come about Rachel’s amazing charity work! – but our exchange about plus size fashion really stuck with me.

And THEN! Then I went to Lane Bryant down the street, which was packed to the gills with plus size women mingling, sipping cocktails and enjoying each other’s company! I met up with my homegirl Huny – she is the definition of plus size sexy! Everyone was oohing and aahing at the new DKNY for Lane Bryant collection (I went back the next day and bought the terry tie jacket in grape leaf!).

And I met some amazing models who proved once again that big girls are just as beautiful as our littler counterparts.

That is the STUNNING Ashley Graham, she was SO sweet in person!

After the interview, being back home, unpacking my clothes and thinking about the offerings and experiences I had at NYFW…I had a late night revelation. And I tweeted about it.

Seriously. Genius, right? LOL I have my moments!

Some of my fatshion friends jumped at the idea! Sarah Conley of StyleIt responded immediately, and Marie Denee, AKA The Curvy Fashionista, was all over it! Marie went to work right away, and now largely thanks to her amazing efforts, the little idea that could has taken on steam!

We’ve got a petition that I’d love you to check out – click here to show your support and sign the Add Plus Size Designer Collaborations to Target” petition.

Click here to read Marie’s open letter to Target.

We’re talking about it, fellow plus size fashion bloggers are posting about it, and if you write or do a video blog about this movement I will link it right here! And here’s hoping designers will stop talking about it and start BEING about it!

If you’re on Twitter, please discuss the issue. @ reply your favorite designers. Use the hashtag #TargetPlus to let them know, we’re here, we’ve got money to spend and a passion for fashion, and our needs aren’t being met.

So obviously my first pick for a designer plus size collaboration with Target would be Rachel Roy. But Betsey Johnson would be AWESOME! Who would you like to see the most! Let your voice be heard!

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  1. Betsey Johnson for sure! Also Anna Sui and Marc Jacobs!

  2. SweetLittleMe10 says:

    Why does she keep saying once there is a big enough need?? I think thats a cop out. You are standing right in front of her and telling her..Hello, there is a need. There are more average to plus sized women than smaller sized I wish these designers would stop copping out. They are more concerned with what their colleagues will think (not so haute to design for plus size), I believe.

  3. In agreement with Alesia…Marc Jacobs!! He’s already mentioned that it’s in the works for his own line. I just hope he holds true to his word.

  4. I’m tripping that we have to push for something that is going to make them money. I would like to see some Korto Momolu fashions in Target.

  5. Well if she wants examples, I have plenty! Matter of fact, I am going to start adding my looks to my blog and sending them around the web if I have to. This is that important. Not all large women want to wear moumous and mom jeans. (Although some sexy moumous would be great too!)It is not enough to tell us to loose weight. Obviously that is not happening. It is time to make sure that all of us feel great about ourselves. As shallow as fashion may seem to some, I know that it makes people feel confident and inspired. But I do understand what she means about having to make sure it is viable. Many women (plus sized included,) say they want something but then when it is made available to them, they do not buy. I think this happens mostly from lack of resources. But if you are not a super mall lurking shopper like me then you may not know that that your favorite designer makes your size and so you do not buy. People tell me all the time, “I didn’t know such and such makes plus-sized clothing.” Many plus sized women know that we cannot wear cheaply made clothes. I try to buy better made, better quality items, even if the cost seems high. Eventually the cost per wear evens things out. Good clothing makes everyone look better. And I should have just as many options as smaller women have to clothe myself. Everyone always asks me where my clothing comes from and how they wish they could buy it too. So I know the want is out there. We just needs the options, (both high end and low end,) as well. I currently by the designer collections at Target and well as designer in boutiques and malls. But I am a rare sized 18 with no hips or behind, and I can wear many differently sized clothes and that’s the ONLY way I can get into these clothes. Most women are not afflicted with my lack of butt and hips. hehehe So Rachel, get on board and do not be ashamed to market your clothing to the masses.

    Sorry so long. Thank you Afrobella for taking the time to interview Rachel. She is my hero.

  6. I am ALL FOR designers creating plus-size collections – but one huge caveat – they cannot just be “upsized” versions of their thinner women’s line. Plus size figures need clothes cut FOR them – for goodness sake, use Plus size fit models!

    A woman at a size 12 or 14 (considered by the fashion industry a plus size, and my current size) will not have the exact same proportions as a woman wearing a 22 – 24 (which was my former size). Simply increasing the pattern size without making adjustments for the differences in figures will give you a less-than-terrific result, and my curvy sisters and I deserve better!

    Only if the designers can agree to REDESIGN the clothing to fit a bountiful, beautiful and bodacious plus size figure should they venture into this area, because all the plus size women I know are TIRED of having sub standard fabric and trims, out-of-proportion buttons and measly hems / seams provided on their clothing.

    We want QUALITY and STYLE…and if the designers can give us that at REASONABLE price points, you’ll find that curvy divas can be rabidly loyal customers…I know I would be!

  7. oh ok cool nothing wrong with plus size women

  8. Can I just say I love Rachel Rachel Roy! Target is awesome and this would make plus size clothing so much more accessible! I am losing weight, but on my journey I would love to have some beautiful plus size fashions to rock because my full bust and hips aren’t going anywhere and I’ll be kicking it in plus size for a little while longer. BTW I love the new DKNY collection for Lane Bryant. I was definitely drooling. Its so edgy and urban chic, I must own a few piece for the fall! Thanks for planting the seed Afrobella. This is gonna be so awesome if it happens!

  9. Bella, I think this is a wonderful idea! Thanks for starting this movement, I’m sure the executives at Target will take notice.

    I have encouraged my readers to join the movement as well. So who would I choose for Target designer collaboration?

    2 choices-
    Alberta Ferratti (so luxurious, love the use of textures and fabrics that she displays)

    Alexander Wang for sure. He’s a genius designer, he could reinvent the plus size silhouette if he so desired.

  10. Changes have to be made. The average size women is a size 14 not and 8. Therefore we need designers that can and will be brave enough to step out and design beautiful and functional clothing for real women of today. As a plus size women I don’t want to be excluded with soso fasion that you just put together and put a 2x on it and think that is good enough for them. We want to be included with the smaller size clothing that has all the hot styles with pizazz and flair quaility fabrics that last far beyond the one wash hope it don’t shrink prayers. The time has come it is well overdue make the change!!!

  11. awesome! what if this is as successful as the mac for rodarte movement! it will be.. off to sign the petition!!! mwah!

  12. Just signed the petition – would love to make this a reality!

  13. It’s your idea, isn’t it? Why not Afrobella for Target? Don’t spend money, make money!

  14. As soon as I saw Rachel Roy in the thumbnail I squealed (ok inwardly, because I’m at work). That chick is my girl crush, on the real. GORGEOUS. Both of ya’ll look fabulous in that photo. And great interview!

  15. I love Rachel Roy! Big heart and super gorgeous. Loved her on Project Runway the other night.

    Bronze Goddess Beauty

  16. DFC Reads says:

    Hopefully, R.Roy will one day see larger size women as a viable business market. We all know that we are – the only thing really holding designers back is the stigma [in their mind] of designing for anyone’s who’s not a size 2. If it were really a business decision her clothes would be sized for women up to 26.

    Also, I checked out the DKNY for Lane Bryant Collection and could not have been less impressed. Oh come on!! REally! Is that the best you could do. It’s like they took their inspiration from an old hunting and fishing catalog. Do they really think those high waisted jeans and sweatpants would be flattering on anyone? They look terrible [laughable] on the models. Shame on them! The folks at DKNY couldn’t see their way to designing something a little more creative. Yuck!

  17. Hi There – with the comparative lack of quality Plus Size clothing in Australia and the strong AU$ against the US$, I think there an opportunity to import items to sell on my website – (place-holder website currently). However I need to work out how to get started… dropshipping wholesalers etc. Can you help at all?

  18. Hi There – with the comparative lack of quality Plus Size clothing in Australia and the strong AU$ against the US$, I think there an opportunity to import items to sell on my website – (place-holder website currently). However I need to work out how to get started… dropshipping wholesalers etc. Can you help at all?

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  5. […] bee’s knees and the cat’s pajamas in my book as it is (and if she comes through with that plus size line, boy howdy!) I love her design aesthetic, and her continually charitable nature. I love the concept […]

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