Recently I heard a woman at a nail salon asking for Minx when she really meant that she wanted a no-chip manicure. At that point I had only tried Shellac — arguably the most well known no-chip manicure on the market. I was happy with my Shellac experience, but if you read the Monday Manicure posts you know – I like crazy, fun, BRIGHT nails. I like a manicure that can turn heads. So when my dear friend and uber talented nail specialist Rashida B (yes, THAT Rashida B) let me know she was down to Minx my nails AND teach me the difference between Minx and every other specialty manicure out there, I was SO geeked!

Minx nails, Rihanna nails, Beyonce nails

I got it as soon as I started flipping through Rashida’s book of Minx nails. Peep the gallery and you’ll see. Minx nails are meant to be noticed. Made to turn heads. They’re party nails. They’re Beyonce and Rihanna nails. There’s nothing safe, toned down, or timid about ’em.

Minx is applied to your nails in what’s known as a “dry manicure” — there’s no soaking your nail in water, here. So to quote the super-quotable Rashida B, “if your hands are busted, you should go get a manicure 2 days ahead,” to take care of ragged cuticles etcetera.

Also, fun fact — Minx can be layered over gel nails! Now there are cool Minx with cut-outs that will show the nail polish underneath. So you can have your flash with your style that lasts!

minx manicure

Here’s the step by step application tips I learned from watching Rashida do her thing.

— She used The Fluffy by OPI to remove nail dust after my dry manicure.

— because nails have oil in them, Minx experts use a little alcohol to dry out the nail pre-application.

— Minx experts measure the fingernail to figure out which Minx nail will fit the best. If the Minx doesn’t fit, they usually center it. If they have to cut and manipulate it, it can cause lifting and diminish the time your Minx will last.

— a Minx expert will NEVER stretch the Minx nail. Just keep smoothing it until they’re satisfied with the placement and size. Once all of the nails have been put in place, they put the Minx under the heat lamp. Minx nails cannot be cut once the heat hits them, they become soft and jelly-like. That’s when they’re ready to apply!

— patterned Minx are thicker and easier to apply than solid color ones.

— Minx isn’t for everyone. If you have ridges on your nails, or soft nails – they may not work for you. If you absolutely gotta have ’em, getting gel or acrylic nails first might be the way to go, so your nails are hard and smooth for Minx application.

— you heat Minx up to put them on and to take them off. Don’t remove your Minx when they’re cold, or you can rip off layers of your nail. Also, exposure to heat can affect your mails — if you go to a sauna or steam room, if your Minx nails start to bubble or life hold, don’t rub. Rubbing will stretch them.

— To make your Minx last, don’t type with the tips of your fingers (use the pads), avoid extreme heat, and avoid excessive water.

So for my first ever Minx nails, I chose this crazy chartreuse for my fingers, and leopard Minx for my thumbs! What do you think?

minx nails

leopard minx

My Minx manicure lasted for FIVE DAYS. I did get some lifting at the corners, but they didn’t look awful just yet.

Minx nails Minx manicure

I removed them because I also wanted to be able to speak about the removal process. I had a hard time removing my Shellac and having done it the WRONG way, I would never try to remove Shellac or any other no-chip manicure at home on my own. Go to a nail salon to have your no-chip nailpolish removed, or risk weakening your nails. That’s been my experience.

So what’s the difference between Minx and Shellac and other such no-chip manicures?

Minx aren’t cheap, but they ARE trendy and eye-catching and immediate. They give you instant fashion gratification. If you’re going to a hot fashion show or a special night out, Minx could be what you’re looking for! And removal is a cinch — just blast your fingers with a hairdryer until the Minx have returned to that jellylike feel again, and peel them off.

Minx manicure remove Minx nails

My nails look absolutely fine, post Minx.

You can find all kinds of awesome Groupons and coupons for no-chip manicures, so affordability is a factor. The color range of no-chip nailpolishes might be on the safer side right now, but more colors are coming out every day! Shellac and other no-chip manicures are about a long-lasting manicure, not about flash, glamour and look-at-my-nails. No-chip nail treatments are perfect if you’re going on a vacation for a while — for example, if you’re going on a tropical getaway and need a pedicure that lasts, get a no-chip pedi. And for more on gel nails, read this informative post on Coco and Creme!

And there’s NO dry time on either technique. You can get up and go! Wanna get Minxed? Go to the official website to find a Minx stylist!

Thanks again to Rashida B for being AWESOME!!

Have you tried no-chip nails, or had your nails Minxed yet? Which do you prefer, and why?


PoetrysTruth says:
July 19, 2011, 1:34 pm
*sigh* I'm suffering right now from gel nails that made my nails brittle. I'm still looking for a place that doesn't use mechanical sanding. Which I think really weakened my nails.
Purple says:
July 19, 2011, 7:36 pm
Same experience with gel nails. Is there any other way to remove them?
Brooke says:
July 20, 2011, 9:16 am
The whole purpose of getting gel polish is so the polish will last on natural nails. If you go somewhere and they are using the drill....RUN! That defeats the whole purpose. You dont want to damage your nails for the sake of polish lasting 14 days.
pets says:
July 20, 2011, 10:05 am
Your nails always look great! I use gelish after having been using shellac. The gelish lasts long especially since I wash dishes by hand. To remove it a special liquid is used and while I am getting my pedicure, the liquid is applied to cotton balls which are wrapped to my fingertips then pieces of foil paper are used to keep the cotton in place and I guess warm the liquid on the cotton. So by the time my pedicure is finished my manicure can begin. Minx looks like it would do well here at Carnival time and I guess the Christmas/Ole Year's celebrations.
Kia says:
July 20, 2011, 12:00 pm
My nails were weak after getting the shellac. I used OPI Nail Envy to make them healthy again. It is hard to find a nail salon that doesn't use the drill or scrape the shellac off. Minx looks fun and I will start looking to find a nail salon in Dallas that specializes in the process. P.S. I am loving my All of My Purple Life lipgloss. I combined it with Violetta and the compliments keep coming! Thanks Afrobella!
Camille says:
July 21, 2011, 4:39 pm
I've had Shellac done a couple of times. Love. It. No damage, no mechanical sanding. Just soaking in acetone, peel/rub the polish off, and buff if there's any left. I did that myself, but I could have paid the salon to do it before the next application. It's one of those things that's probably easier for someone else who's had practice to do it. I'm going to get it done again, if I can quit breaking my nails and get a little length.
Sabrina says:
July 21, 2011, 8:37 pm
I have had Minx, Shellac, and Gelish and I like Gelish the best. MInx, for me, was just okay. I had to take it off in two days because of the lifting, but that's because my natural nails are really curved. SHellac was fine, but there aren't a lot of colors. Gelish has coloers and even some glitters! I wore a bubblegum pink glitter while I was on vacay and I loved it. I want to try the denim blue next.
BlackBetty says:
July 22, 2011, 9:59 am
I'm going to try Shellac, I bought a Groupon. I can't use Minx since my nails are soft. And a nail tech friend already warned me about lazy techs and their drills. No thanks!
Zirkonyum says:
February 23, 2013, 4:16 pm
Same experience with gel nails. Is there any other way to remove them?
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