I’ve raved on and on already, but allow me to rave some MORE about Sofistafunk The Skirt Company.

I love the aesthetic – inspired by antiquity, but with a modern sensibility. Their clothing is decidedly feminine and undeniably distinctive, made in Montclair New Jersey by a small group of women with a lot of love in their hearts.

The designer, Arlinda Mcintosh, is just such an incredibly genuine, fun, cool, sweet, make-yourself-comfortable kind of woman. I LOVE Sofistafunk. And Sofistafunk loves Afrobella! And now you, my lovely bellas, can enjoy a sweet 25% discount thanks to my friends at Sofistafunk!



All you have to do is shop to your heart’s content at Sofistafunk.com and enter the coupon code WELOVEAFROBELLA when you check out – and this is valid until March 20. Enjoy!!!

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