Paula Patton is killing the game on just about every level. She’s drop dead gorgeous and has a killer body – as evidenced by her sexy scenes in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (yeah, my husband loved that movie). She’s married to the musical deliciousness that is Robin Thicke. Her career is on fire and her last four films were all hits – Precious, Just Wright, Jumping The Broom, and the latest installment of Mission Impossible. Paula’s box office mojo is undeniably rising. And now, she’s the newest Cover Girl, reppin’ for the Queen Collection.


However, where one might feel inclined to feel at all jealous of how awesome it must be to be Paula Patton, I don’t feel that way. Not at all. Because she’s so incredibly, genuinely likable and nice. During a recent phone interview, it was like neither of us wanted the conversation to end. I said conversation and not interview, because that’s kinda how she made me feel – she’s very comfortable and easy and girlfriendy and sweet. Paula Patton isn’t a diva who makes you feel like you’re presenting her with questions that she’ll flatly answer. She’s interested and engaged and might turn the tables and ask a question about you, instead. I loved talking with her!

It totally makes sense that Paula Patton would be a Cover Girl – she fits really well into the brand’s current roster of celebrities. Most Cover Girls are women known for their talent and personality and beauty – you know a little, but not a lot about their private lives, as it should be. Cover Girls are actresses, activists, women who are generally runnin’ thangs. And that isn’t the only thing Paula, Drew Barrymore, Queen Latifah, Ellen DeGeneres and Sofia Vergara have in common. “All of the women Cover Girl has chosen as representatives are beautiful, kind, smart, funny women that you’d love to have lunch with. Queen Latifah knew I’d love to be involved and it’s been such a dream come true!”

Paula’s connection with Cover Girl began with her friend – and Just Wright costar – Queen Latifah. Paula described Queen as a mentor, and she’s super proud to represent her friend’s makeup collection. Paula’s earliest makeup memories began as most of ours do – with watching her mom beautify herself. “My mom was a schoolteacher for 32 years, and she always went to school in heels I loved playing dress up as a girl, but my mom was quite strict. I got my first lipstick when I was 14! Then I broke out in high school and it became all about coverage.”

Life has changed a lot for Paula Patton in the last two years or so – her film offers are increasingly high profile, and her husband Robin Thicke has been doing amazingly well in his career as well. And they’re parents to an adorable baby boy. I had to ask Paula what it’s like to deal with so many life changes. “It’s been overwhelming. I don’t know if my life has changed…but opportunities arise that you never thought would come your way. I’m still the same person and I have the same goals and ambitions. But I really didn’t dream this big.”

Increased success has meant increased awareness for Paula Patton, and now she has goals in place to pave the way for those who seek to follow her lead. “One thing that’s really important to me….I need to take the time and make the effort to create more opportunities for black actors, Latin actors, Asian actors. I want to make movies that give more people more opportunities.” When Paula received her award at Essence Magazine’s Women in Film Luncheon, she made mention of the same desires.

How does a woman like Paula Patton balance life and love, with a husband who’s also on the top of his game? “We’re really lucky cause we’ve known each other for so long…we’re adults now and we’ve had a lot of fun together. Right now we have to grind to set up a future for our son. We make everything we do, a partnership. When I’m working on a film he’ll read me lines and guide me – we have a creative partnership. You have to listen and not be hard-headed.”

What’s a typical day for Paula Patton when she isn’t on set? It’s very family oriented. “I wake up at 7 am for breakfast with Julian….we go to the park, then he takes a nap and mommy writes e mails and tries to do work. Then he’s up and we do an activity – go to the museum, something educational and fun. Then we come back home for dinner and bedtime at seven. Oh and I have to get in a workout – yoga, a run, something. It’s a stress relief for me. It clears my head.”

Because our interview was primarily about beauty and makeup, I had to ask Paula what makes her feel the most beautiful. “Oh gosh, I’m so corny but….when I’m happy, I feel more beautiful. I’m not perfect, I go through ups and downs. But I try to remember what I’m thankful for and draw joy from that. And in terms of the physical, I take care of myself, I drink water and green tea, I eat healthy. And for me, putting on a little lipstick, blush and mascara….makes me feel better about myself.”


Paula has her favorite Cover Girl products – she loves the Queen Collection Natural Hue Concealer. Her favorite Cover Girl lipsticks are Powderpuff Pink and says, “I love to do a great, bright lip and then leave the blush alone. It’s my new favorite look.” Besides Powderpuff Pink, she loves her reds and cites South Beach Sand and Cheeky Flipstick at favorites. And in her great videos with the incredible makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff, they demonstrate the easiest, breeziest ways to be a beautiful Cover Girl.

In video #1, Ashunta demonstrates a “golden glow” using primer, natural tones and a soft shimmer on the lips.


In video #2, Ashunta uses Cover Girl’s new Flipstick in Cheeky to amplify the look.


And video #3 is all about a bangin’, bold eye look. Which you KNOW I love!


That must have been SUCH a fun shoot! I recently met Ashunta Sheriff at an event in Chicago, so keep your eyes peeled for our interview here on! Ashunta is SO amazing and she’s such a cool person! As is Paula. What a peach of an interview Smile

Keep your eye out for even more Cover Girl goodness with Paula Patton – you can follow Cover Girl on Twitter now, and they release great videos via their YouTube channel – click here to subscribe! And you can follow Paula on Twitter right here – she promises to be better about it and tweet more often, so don’t be hesitant to say HEY Paula!

Thanks to Cover Girl for the super fun interview opportunity! What are your favorite Queen Collection items, bellas? I am in LOVE with the new Queen Collection Vivid Impact Eyeliners, need to do a review for you!



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