Bellas, you guys are intrigued by the Beautiful Textures line! Everyone had a different product they wanted to try — and the bonus is, the price point is excellent so you can afford to try the item you want, if you didn’t win this here giveaway. Beautiful Textures is available at Sally Beauty!

Click here to go straight to the online store, and don’t forget to check them out @LovinMyTextures on Twitter and on Facebook.

Finally! Here are the ten lucky winners of the Beautiful Textures giveaway, and the products they’re most excited to try!

Terri says:

I’m a college student trying to go natural and I would LOVE to get the moisture butter whipped curl cream!!! I have a curly afro that needs lots of moisture so I believe this would help me out!!!I would also LOVE to try the Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner. I’m recently using another hair care brand for my hair and its not working like I want it to so I would love to try this. Matter fact I want all the hair products they seem sooo awesome!

Onyx Rose says:

I’d love to try the leave-in conditioner; I’ve heard nothing but great things about this line. Thanks to Afrobella and Beautiful Textures for this giveaway!

jewel says:

I want to try the Curl Control, because I’ve only ever tried 1 other brand and want to get a comparison!

Sabreena says:

I would be interested in trying the entire line as well. Since the weather is starting to warm up (yeah!!) I am going to finally try my hand at wash-n-go hair after years of being to afraid of my shrinkage factor. That means that the Tangle Taming Shampoo and Condish will go long way towards helping me work with what nature gave me.

Krystal Cornelius says:

I would love to try the moisture butter! My hair is very porous and I am always looking for a new great way to help it maintain moisture.

Stephanie says:

Chile, I don’t even have to click on that link to know which product I would LOVE to try… Curl Control Defining Pudding!! I’ve been hearing so many, TOO MANY great things about that product. Plus I’m looking for thee holy grail curl pudding so.. *crosses fingers* hope I win!

Norkita White says:

I am two months newly natural, and I have very dry hair. Everything that I am trying is not working, I would love to try the Tangle Taming Leave-In, Shine & Silken and the Moisture Butter Whipped Curl Creme because I need to give my hair the moisture that it is lacking and I want healthy, soft, manageable hair.

Bridgette says:

I would love to try the tangle taming shampoo and conditioner on my daughter because her hair gets the worst tangles ever. I want to try the curl pudding on myself. Here’s hoping I win!

Dee demby says:

I would like to try the Curl Control Defining Pudding. I already use the Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter Whipped Curl Crème and I love how shiny and soft it makes my curls. I would like to see what the Defining Pudding can do

almost 2 years natural and have YET to deep condish…I know, bad LaLa!! *smacking hand*

LAGirlatheart says:

I’m newly, naturally coifed… and I’m a blonde. After the initial shock and awe of “OMG, I love this hair” and the constant touching, pulling and twirling (that was all me), I realized I was putting lots of demands on my two inch wannabe fro. The bleache and dye removed and redeposited a really cute color, but left me hanging hi and dry so to speak. I’m super excited to try the Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner. I have lots of little plastic caps and my hooded dryer from the days of chemicals and curlers… I’m ready to get started! I hope Beautiful Textures is as good a product as you have reviewed. If so, my cabinet will be stocked full with bright and beautiful colorful products for the Afrobella in me!

YAY for the ten of you!! I’ll be e mailing you this week. And if you didn’t win this giveaway, fret not – there’s always more in store!



Queen Eye Cee says:
April 10, 2012, 2:58 pm
Congratulation Ladies, Enjoy!!!


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