I’ll admit it, I can be really sensitive about anything hair related. I’m not a fan of afro wigs on Halloween or unsolicited touching of natural hair or insensitive remarks about hair texture or type. I am all about celebrating what I’ve been blessed with. Because I love my own hair, I sometimes collect natural hair related items that I think are cool or cute or funny. When I saw the Diva Washing Up Sponge by UK based quirky home décor purveyor Paladone on Fab.com (I tell you I am ADDICTED to that site!) I didn’t think twice. I bought her right away, just to add her to my collection o’ fros.


And now the Diva Washing Up Sponge is sitting on my desk and staring at me impassively as I read about the ongoing UK controversy over her existence.

Via the Daily Mail:

“Campaigners have attacked British makers Paladone for its latest range of dish cleaning products which caricatures black soul legend Diana Ross as having a brillo pad for a hairstyle. The offending items, which have just gone on sale across the UK, have been likened to reproducing golliwogs or the Black and White Minstrels by reinforcing negative stereotypes.

The Unite Against Fascism general secretary Weyman Bennett said: ‘What are we going to have next, toilet brushes like that? ‘This is not appropriate for the 21st century to show images like that. It reinforces negative stereotypes and ideas. Although it’s aimed at being humorous, sometimes it’s not funny.”

Now I feel all conflicted and stuff.


Please note the Diva Washing Up Sponge is part of a complete set – there’s also Disco, Punk and Groovy.


Also, the sponge I bought is called the Diva and not Diana – that’s a whole ‘nother story. Let’s keep Miss Ross out of such affairs.

I bought the Diva Washing Up sponge because I thought she was super cool and I didn’t plan to use her, just to keep her as a fun collectible. Clutch Magazine seems to agree with me – these sponges are more cute than offensive. But I want to know what you think, bellas – does the Diva sponge make you mad? Or not so much?



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