Trips to Los Angeles always throw off my sleep schedule. When I got home from LA I said “yay! I’m going to write all these blog posts and get stuff done!” And then I took an epic five hour nap. It was almost 2 am when I started this post and I’m so sluggish today. But it’s ALL WORTH IT. I’m here to tell you all about BET Awards weekend! I had so much fun with the folks from Cadillac, and I learned so much about this historic luxury car brand. I’m gonna do a FULL recap of the festivities in an upcoming post.

Two of the designers I featured in my What Should I Wear to the BET Awards post very generously reached out to me with the outfits I chose! And I am planning to work with the third designer soon as well. Now let me break down what I wore, since you beautiful bellas so kindly shared your opinions on what I should be rocking! Thank you for your guidance!

This is what I wore to the BET Awards at the Shrine Auditorium on Sunday.

Afrobella BET

While I was there I worked with two of my FAVORITE people in Los Angeles. My glam squad, if you will! This work of art hair is by Felicia M. Leatherwood, celebrity hairstylist, educator and creator of the Loving Your Hair With Natural Care Workshop. My makeup is by the incredible Nicole Evans – if you need your makeup done in Los Angeles, look for her on Facebook or make an appointment, she works at the MAC counter in The Grove and is a BEAST with the brushes! And her presence is so calming. I LOVE working with these fabulous ladies!

I’m rocking the Hilary jumpsuit by Monif C and I absolutely LOVE it. I felt glamorous, sexy, confident, and comfortable! The ONLY downside is that which all jumpsuits have – the bathroom factor. Wearing a jumpsuit that zips up all the way in the back during a live televised program where one can’t leave whenever one would like was a challenge, but it was worth it. Cause I felt so FLY.

I accessorized with long chain Blu Bijoux earrings (they’re only $14!) and a Kanupriya necklace from Max & Chloe, big bangin statement necklace by Camille Peace of Peace Images,  and I got the bag on Etsy.


My nails are the new Ruffian Manicure nails by MAC. This was one of my first experiences with adhesive nails, and I think it was pretty good! I had excellent help from Nicole (she’s a GENIUS,  I tell you) and she buffed my nails to readiness and then used extra glue to reinforce the nails for the whole occasion. I got nothing but compliments ALL NIGHT LONG.

I wore the Nakimuli Sunlight to Water dress to the exclusive BET Awards PRE dinner, put on annually by Debra Lee. Who I met! She’s a lovely lady and she mentioned she’s interested in going natural. I’m here to help if you need me, Ms. Lee!

The BET pre awards dinner was held at Union Station, an unusual but amazingly lovely venue for such a star studded event.. I need to do a full recap of the event, and tell you all the behind the scenes awesomeness. For now, let me tell you about this DRESS. I LOVED wearing it.. So easy. So flowy. So classy. So appropriate. I stood out and looked different, but I fit in perfectly. I felt like an island mermaid princess. When I saw my friend, amazing actress Yvette Nicole Brown, she totally did the Wayne’s World “we’re not worthy” move to this dress. I was like yasssss!



I have a few more looks to share, but I’m saving one of the dresses for my next lookbook. So be patient with me!

So that’s the Nakimuli Sunlight to Water dress, and jewelry by Max and Chloe. These are the Andara peacock druzy earrings, and the Priveliged sliced purple agate necklace. My clutch was loaned to me by Felicia Leatherwood who always has my back with hair and more! And my shoes are from and they’re cute gold sandals with chain detail but the zipper broke when I was putting them on and like Sweet Brown said, ain’t nobody got time for that.

You can follow all of these generous folks on Facebook and Twitter. Here’s the official list of awesome:

Cadillac, their Facebook and their Twitter.

Felicia Leatherwood, Loving Your Hair With Natural Care, her Facebook and her Twitter.

Nicole Evans, Facebook and Twitter.

Monif C Plus Sizes, Facebook and Twitter.

Peace images, Facebook and Twitter.

Max and Chloe, Facebook and Twitter.

Mac Cosmetics, Facebook and Twitter.

Nakimuli Inc, Facebook and Twitter.

So what do you think? Did I do the BET Awards justice?



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