Quick – off the top of your head, name an eye makeup look besides a smoky eye or cat eye. Did you come up with anything immediately? Kinda challenging, right?

The smoky eye has become THE look for both makeup newbies and makeup junkies. It can be intense and sexy when paired with a red lip, or smoldering and elegant with a nude lip. And don’t think a smoky eye look has to be exclusively done with dark eyeshadows – you can create a smoky look with brown and neutral shadows, purples or emerald greens or deep blues. It’s all about creating a color gradient that’s deeper and mysterious near the lashline, and moving towards lighter shades that pop near your browbone.

Recently, thanks to the Target Inner Circle, I went to the AMAZING Napoleon Perdis academy in Hollywood, California!


There I learned all about NP Set, the great cosmetics line Napoleon makes for Target – available in stores and at Target.com. I spent time with his incredibly talented makeup artists and staff, and learned step by step tips on creating a perfect smoky eye with NP Set products. AND they created a super beautiful and helpful face chart so you can learn too! Here goes!

Smoky Eye Steps with NP Set


— Napoleon Perdis has many “Napoleonisms,” and #1 is this. It is a crime not to prime! This look began with NP Set eye primer.

— Use bronze/warm blush on lid in crease

— Use black pencil (which is creamy) as a base to make your color pop

— Flat brush is mostly for the lid. Fluffy brush is for the crease. It makes a softer line

— Dabbing eyeshadow on will apply product evenly and help you control the fallout. Don’t paint, like you’re using a paintbrush. Dab.

— Synthetic brush bristles are totally smooth when you look at them under a microsoft. Natural hair brush bristles are porous and well…bristly. Natural brushes are best for powder products because they pick up more of it. Whereas synthetic brushes are good for foundations, primers, serums etc.

— Napoleon has a different technique than most artists – he uses one coat of mascara at the root of the lash before applying eyeshadow and eyeliner. That makes the lashes pop and helps you to realize you probably don’t need as much eye shadow as you may have thought you did! And after shadow and liner, then he applies additional coats of mascara as needed.

— Use bronzer as your browbone highlight, it can make for a softer gradient.


We used the following NP Set products to create my look.

The NP Set Saint Croix eyeshadow kit

The NP Set Antigua eyeshadow kit

baked powder/bronze set

Eyeliner (Paris is the name of the color we used)

the Chicago taupe eyeshadow palette

Cancun lipstick

the NP Set natural brush and flat brush

I had an amazing afternoon with the ladies at Napoleon Perdis! Thanks to Target Inner Circle for the incredible experience. Read more about it on NPSet.com!



pets says:
March 12, 2013, 12:45 pm
What about smokin' jeans?! The outfit caught my eye!
Yolanda says:
March 12, 2013, 1:59 pm
You look terrific in the denim!!!!!
Marissa says:
May 28, 2013, 8:22 pm
Keep up the good work. You look very beautiful.