Listen. It’s hot outside. When you get ready to face the world, you already know you’re going to emerge sweaty and melty with a side dish of frustrated and over it. But summer isn’t supposed to be about struggle, it’s supposed to be FUN. Your beauty regimen shouldn’t slow you down one bit, and having lived in hot climates for most of my life, I can speak from experience. Allow me to share three of my easiest summer beauty hacks – these are the simple ways that I breeze through summer.


#1 – Keep your sprays and creams in the fridge. Consider this – you’ve come in from hot, sweltering outside and your face is dripping with sweat and your hair looks like a frizzle fowl </old Trinidadian saying my mom used to tell me all the time>. Wouldn’t it feel AMAZING to open your fridge and just spray yourself with a cooling liquid? Or to gently dab on a cream that cools you at the same time as it soothes your skin? Yes. Yes it would. In the summer I recommend chilling your water-based leave-in conditioners and your face sprays (think rose water and anything aloe based). You’ll have an instantly refreshing pick-me-up spritz of rejuvenating beauty as versus an instantly warm well-that-didn’t-help-me-feel-or-look-better spritz of meh.

#2 — Let blush take a backseat this season. My adorable mother-in-law still calls it “blush on,” as in “now you put your blush on.” SO cute, right? It took me years to get into blush, but as soon as the weather heats up I’m OK with getting out of it. Bold blush doesn’t do much but transfer onto the shirts of anyone I hug in the summer, and I tend to double my pleasure (and my fun) with a bronzer or multi-use cream or stick. You just want a rosy glow to compliment the color you’re inevitably getting in the sun. In summer, when it comes to makeup less is indeed more, and the less product to sweat off, the better.

#3 – Depilatories are your friend. Really. Through the years I’ve come to realize something about my personal grooming habits. I’m lazy about them. Seriously. I do the bare minimum, I do what feels good, and I usually wait until the last minute to do the bare necessities to get by. And that’s OK! I’m totally fine without an ongoing regimen. When it comes to body hair, I tend to really deal with it in the summer because odds are likely that I’ll be wearing something sleeveless and baring my legs. I’ve sworn off waxing for the past few years, and shaving can be time consuming. Recently, a friend of mine who is pregnant was lamenting the fact that she can barely reach her legs to even shave them, and I was like “pssst, hey boo hey. Use Veet.” And she was like “I never thought of that!” Really? I’m a BIG FAN of cream hair removal products, and this is my current fave!

Here’s basically how I handle my body hair, especially in the summer. All you need to do before going to the beach or out to a farmer’s market is get in the bathroom, slather your areas of concern using the Veet Fast Acting Gel Cream Hair Remover Pump – the consistency of the gel cream means your legs, underarms and bikini line will remain covered. Then put on your favorite song on Spotify or whatever you listen to, jam out for 4 minutes (no longer than 6), scrape all of the product off with the little spatula, and then shower off all that remains. Apply your favorite decadent body lotion après shower and enjoy your fabulous, effortless smoothness. No nicks, no cuts, no worries, no summer beauty struggles!

That’s how I stay cool, stay glowing, and stay smooth during these ultra hot months. What’s your easy summer beauty hack? Tell me in the comments!



Veet® helps you feel smooth all summer long. There’s nothing like the feeling of freedom that summer brings.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Reckitt Benckiser via MODE Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Reckitt Benckiser.



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