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My husband would be lost without them. My sister has always worn them. My mom has some fancy designer brands. My dad has a pair for reading. And me? I’m one of those annoying folks who has never really officially had to wear glasses. I’ve always, not-so-secretly wanted a pair. I know I need to stay on top of my optic health (and I know I’m WAY overdue for an eye exam).

So, when I was asked to attend and participate in the 15th anniversary of MyEyeDr., in celebration of the brand expanding to Chicago, I knew this was my chance to step up my eye care AND eyewear game.


MyEyeDr. is a network of local eye care professionals with 23 Chicagoland locations. They are just about everywhere, from city neighborhoods like Andersonville, Lincoln Park and Roscoe Village, to suburban towns like Elmhurst, Naperville, Evanston, and Hinsdale. If you were familiar with Spex, you may have noticed that Spex Optical locations across Chicago transitioned to the MyEyeDr. brand beginning August 1. MyEyeDr. provides the same stylish, luxury brands that Spex did, but with even more frames to fit everyone’s lifestyle and budget. Win, win!

On October 4th, I headed to MyEyeDr. downtown (the brand has a great location, 50 E. Chicago Ave., right near all the Magnificent Mile fun). I didn’t really know what to expect from the Sip & Shop Cocktail Hour, but it turned out to be super fun!

First of all, the cocktails. Made to perfection by Lisa Selman, AKA Femme du Coupe – her ‘Just What MyEyeDr. Ordered’ punch made me reconsider my relationship with tequila. So light and refreshing!

Just arrived at my @MyEyeDr #MyEyeDrChi sip and shop cocktail hour! This is cocktail number one — What the Eye Doctor Ordered. Tequila but it’s light and yummy! #eyecareANDeyewear #ad

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The Sip & Shop turned out to be a fun and crowded event with bomb cocktails. Some of Chicago’s influencers came out, too. Here I am with Lauren Nolan of Lake Shore Lady, Sue Downes — the CEO and Co-founder of MyEyeDr., and Laura Platt of Bright & Beautiful.


I was excited to get a professional frames consultation from the MyEyeDr image consultant team, to help me pick out the perfect glasses or sunglasses from here on out. They analyze each person beginning with face shape, then getting into face features, eye color, and skin tone. It turns out that your skin color doesn’t necessarily determine if you are warm or cool. Having said that, I am definitely warm. Gold tones compliment my skin and there are a range of colors determined to best flatter these undertones. Surprisingly, green overlaps between cool and warm (the more you know)!

The eye care pro then determines your eyewear personality by offering a series of statements. I had to answer the following statements with a yes or no.

“I am confident about my look”

“I want to make an impression”

“I look for simplicity with an original touch”

“I prefer comfort over fashion”

“I am passionate about innovaton and technology”

“I don’t like wearing glasses”

It turns out, my answers meant I was seeking a fashion forward statement pair of sunnies. We picked out 5 pairs to try.

First, I tried on pairs of sunglasses by Tory Burch, Prada and Ray Bans.



And these red ones are by David Yurman. Yes, he makes sunglasses too!


These red ones on the top are by #davidyurman and I think I need them in my life! #eyecareANDeyewear #eyestyle #glasses #ad #MyEyeDrChi @MyEyeDr

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After the analysis that showed me that rectangular sunglasses are the best fit for my face, I chose #1, the navy Tory Burch. But I’m daydreaming about the Prada pair. I wanted them all!


Thanks for a fun evening and the informative opportunity #MyEyeDrChi!

For more, visit MyEyeDr. on Twitter: @MyEyeDr Facebook: @MyEyeDr and Instagram: @myeyedr, and click here to visit

This post was sponsored by MyEyeDr., but the experience and opinions are all mine!

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pets says:
October 12, 2016, 8:12 pm
A good reminder for me about checking my eyes and possibly choosing different frames.


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