It’s the last week of the first month of 2017. If you made New Year’s Resolutions, how are you doing on them? I’ll be honest with you, I’m struggling. My goal is to make fitness a regular part of my schedule, but my schedule has been all over the place. It’s hard to develop healthy habits when you’re continually bopping from city to city. But my efforts continue because it’s not about making a change on a specific day or in a specific month, this is about holistic lifestyle. I’m doing it one day at a time. I’ve been investing in the gear to get myself together. Let me share what I’ve discovered in the process. Here’s the fitness gear and workout clothes I’ve invested in and have interest in, to kick off my 2017 resolutions.


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Plus size workout gear — I already shared my struggle in finding good plus size work out clothes at Dick’s Sporting Goods. I’ll tell you where I found what I needed – Burlington Coat Factory, TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Amazon Fashion. Right now there’s a renaissance of plus size workout options exploding online. I’ve seen covetable leggings, sports bras and tops from Nike, Fashion to Figure, City Chic, and Lane Bryant. Check out The Curvy Fashionista for more suggestions!


Fresh new kicks — I have super flat problem feet, and my podiatrist taught me to do the sole test for every shoe I buy. Basically every shoe, I twist to see if the sole twists with the shoe. If the sole twists easily, it has too little support for my feet. My podiatrist has specifically mentioned that I should invest in a pair of New Balance, Brooks or Asics sneakers if I’m working out or walking a lot. For personal style, I’m more into Nike, Adidas, Pumas and Reeboks. I rock my Nike AirMaxes almost daily, they’re so comfortable!


At home gear — I’m lucky enough to have access to a gym, but Lord knows I don’t go to it often enough. That’s why it’s essential for me to have some fitness gear right here at home. I don’t have a huge condo, so I try to get small pieces of highly effective workout gear that I can get down and use in my living room. For example, resistance bands – one of the easiest, best additions to my at-home exercise arsenal. I’d check out these Champion resistance bands or Nike lateral resistance bands. I also have this set of 5. My most recent acquisition is a Danskin balance ball, picked it up for like $12 at TJ Maxx. Totally worth it so far. There’s a lot a balance ball can do to improve your core strength, stability and posture. Next up, I plan to get some free weights, ankle weights and a decent jump rope.


DVDs and Apps — There are no excuses if you can’t find a personal trainer anymore – now there are programs, DVDs and apps galore to help motivate and inspire you to move. I’m gonna write a bigger post about my favorites soon. Lately my favorites might surprise you – I’m reviewing and loving DDP Yoga (he’s hilarious, sincere and inspiring), and I use the Cody app to work out with Jessamyn (she’s my fave).


Fitness Band, Smart Watch (or your phone) — Right now I’ve got a severely underutilized Fitbit and I mostly make use of the S-Health app on my phone to detect my activity. This year I’m contemplating stepping it up in the name of consistency. If you’re in the market for a fitness band, my friends rave over the Jawbone UP and the Nike Fuelband, and my friends with the Apple Watch are obsessed (but moms who push strollers, please note that the lack of moving your arms while pushing a stroller negates your fitness band’s ability to detect your activity).

And that’s where I’m at in terms of building my own fitness regimen at home and trying to meet my own resolutions. What are you doing for at home workouts? I’d love to hear your tips and favorite products!

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pets says:
January 30, 2017, 10:01 am
Slowly getting there. Thanks for this post.
Elaine Gray says:
February 4, 2017, 6:07 pm
Thanks for this informative post. I've had difficulty in finding workout gear that fits comfortably which can thwart any mission to being more active in daily life. I, too, find it hard to get to the gym and try to workout mostly at home. One of my favorite tools is weighted body bars. They help you keep your form and are easy to store away.
Diana says:
May 13, 2017, 2:54 am
I love the Fitbit smart watch, It can track all the calories I burn and even the steps tracker works really well. Nike shoes, Oh MY GOD I love them, They provide so much support while working out it almost feels as I am gliding on them.