They are beautiful, sparkling, harvested from the earth, and used to adorn our bodies, our homes and our lives. Your self care and wellness-knowledgeable friends may seem to know a lot about them. But how much do you know about crystals, and do you believe in crystal therapy? I’d love to know your thoughts.






Some of my friends are very knowledgeable about crystals and use specific stones for intended purposes. Some of my friends are quite frankly, concerned about crystals as they might relate to their religious beliefs. There are others who simply don’t understand the reason or purpose of incorporating crystals into their lives. I understand and respect those perspectives. Here’s mine, and what led me to this interest.

I have always been fascinated by crystals, and have long loved objects of age and mystery. My first experience learning about crystals as they relate to energy, healing and my own life circumstances came after experiencing the gemstone therapy massage at the Mandarin Oriental in Miami, 7 or 8 years ago — to this day, one of the best spa experiences I’ve ever had. It was right after I had quit my job. During that experience, I was asked to choose a crystal from a small selection on a tray. I chose clear quartz, and the practitioner explained its significance to my life and potential career in a way I hadn’t expected or previously experienced. Ever since then, I use clear quartz as a talisman, and a reminder of that experience. I wear a piece of crystal jewelry if I have a speaking engagement or public opportunity, an intentional act to channel my gifts and help me feel powerful and protected.

Someone I met who loves and uses crystals to enhance and empower their beauty products explained it to me this way — crystals come from the earth and were created for us to enjoy and employ. He referred to crystals as “God’s ore.” That has stuck with me. Still, I know I understand very little about crystal therapy. So I wanted to gain understanding from a passionate expert.

Devi Brown is the CEO and creator of Karma Bliss, an online retail experience for seekers that takes believers and the intrigued deeper into the world of crystal therapy. She also offers beautiful crystals and inspiring objects for sale. I have the Prosperity necklace. I try to wear it to business meetings or for important work related occasions.

Besides beautiful jewelry, Karma Bliss delves deeper into the mystic world of crystal therapy and takes it further by offering Bliss Bags of specifically selected crystals to address specific needs. Devi also offers vision boards and meditation tools. Even journals! The intent behind her brand is mindfulness and harnessing power and energy to transform your life.

I had the opportunity to catch up with Devi Brown and learn what Karma Bliss is all about, as well as how crystals can enhance your life in general. What led her to them? How do you choose them? Where should you use them? How do you care for them? What do they do? Devi broke it all the way down. Read on, bellas!


Afrobella — Talk to me about your discovery of crystal therapy. How did you first come to find that crystal therapy worked for you? What was the first crystal you had? What does crystal therapy do for you?

Devi Brown — I believe crystals to be a complement to the self-work you are already doing in your life. At the point I started really utilizing crystals and harnessing their power, I had already started my meditation practice and begun really deep diving into the journey of “ME”. I was always very drawn to crystals, I remembering collecting tumbled stones as a kid and thinking the colors and shapes were really beautiful…. definitely a sign of things to come. As an adult woman I found myself deeply connecting to them whenever I was stressed, in need of grounding/balance or wanting to connect more with nature. The first crystal I had in my arsenal while journeying was a citrine crystal point and I would carry it with me EVERYWHERE. I started noticing shifts in my energy and the energy around me almost instantly.

Afrobella — Devi, your background was in the music industry where you have interviewed talented and strong personalities like Kendrick, Kanye and Nicki Minaj. How did/has your belief in crystals help you to navigate such a career path? 

Devi Brown — My belief is in self-love through self-knowledge more so than a belief in crystals. Crystal energy is an incredibly powerful complement to your spiritual practice. I got very into self-discovery, meditation and crystals several years into my career after feeling stressed, over-worked and overall burned out. Sometimes we spend so much time, money and energy investing into our brands and careers yet forget to do the same for our spirits. Once I tapped into THAT energy I found myself able to do more projects I loved, make better career and financial choices, have better content for my listeners and turn good interviews into great ones.

Afrobella — How can someone new to crystal therapy make use of crystals at home?

Devi Brown — Easy! Just start collecting. Grab some with energy that resonates or that you feel drawn to when you hold them. Keeping them near is the only effort that is necessary. Whether that means carrying them on your person or in your purse or keeping them on your nightstand at night or on your desk during the day! A great starter pack would be Citrine (the stone of success), Rose Quartz (The love stone) and Aventurine (The stone of Luck). We have beautiful curated Bliss Bags on our site that offer many pieces per bag that harness specific energies.


Afrobella — Your beliefs go beyond crystal therapy — through Karma Bliss, you also offer journals and vision boards and products related to meditation. Please give me a full portrait of what Karma Bliss is encouraging and empowering women to do with these tools?

Devi Brown — I’m encouraging women, professionals, everyone to start the journey of self-discovery. I want to demystify it. Make it applicable and tangible. Thankfully we are all living in a time where self-love and purpose is #Goals for many but we do a disservice to ourselves when we think that this is possible by only reposting great quotes or creating a perception. The ONLY road to self-love is through self-knowledge. So with Karma Bliss, we rest on specific means to that end. When used together, Meditation, Journaling, Crystals, and Vision planning are incredibly powerful tools to unlocking doors within us.

Afrobella — What are your future goals with Karma Bliss? I see you’re eventually planning retreats and events!

Devi Brown — I’m excited to launch retreats and workshops as a part of the Karma Bliss brand over the next several months! Also looking to have a brick and mortar shop in the future. We will be unveiling a lot more content in the coming weeks from guided meditations to videos and articles!

Thank you, Devi and Karma Bliss! You can find them on Instagram and Twitter @KarmaBlissed and here on Facebook. You can also find Devi sharing more information on crystals, meditation and more at the Karma Bliss YouTube channel. In this video, she explains the 5 Must-Have Crystals for any newcomer to this world. Super helpful!


Bellas, are you into crystal therapy? What crystals do you own? How do you use them or care for them? Tell me in the comments below!



Pets says:
April 22, 2017, 5:53 pm
I love stones and crystal like ones but have never tried those your article spoke about. I do wear and have jade pieces.