Maybe it’s your go to breakfast because you don’t have time in the mornings. Maybe you hate actually eating veggies and fruits but you know they’re good for you so you’re trying your best. Smoothies are popular for a reason, and everyone’s got their own reason for loving them and wanting to make them. Here’s mine. I forget to eat lunch sometimes. More often than I’d care to admit.
I developed some bad work-from-home habits, over time. The habit is this — wake up, barely make a healthy breakfast (typically eggs because they’re quick, or oatmeal), fall into a workhole and then realize I haven’t eaten until maybe 3, rush down unhealthy lunch, make dinner way late, overeat too many carbs at dinner. Repeat. For some reason, lunch is the most challenging meal of the day for me. I have big lunch goals, but very little follow through. My ideal lunch is healthy and delicious, it is nutritious, and it is somehow both filling enough to sustain me through evening, yet light enough for me to want a decent dinner. It was an ongoing issue, until I started incorporating smoothies.
My ideal smoothie is thick, creamy, and doesn’t taste like straight up veggies. I need it to be delicious because otherwise I’m going to be miserable. I’ve tried quite a few varieties, in my quest for healthy, delicious plant based protein shakes. And then I discovered VeganSmart. I honestly had no idea that there was an independent, black owned vegan smoothie company, until VeganSmart came across my radar. And I’m so glad I found out!
Brand founders Claude Tellis and Kereem Cook co-developed and formulated VeganSmart with vegan athlete, industry health expert and self-described Bad Ass Vegan John Lewis. And according to this interview with Black Entrerprise, John Lewis started with taste as his main consideration. That’s definitely something I noticed when I tried it, this isn’t your regular healthy smoothie mix. It isn’t chalky or grassy. It’s thick and filling and comes in surprisingly delicious flavors — besides your typical chocolate, vanilla and strawberry shortcake, there’s wild berry, plus the Love is Love cookies and cream, chocolate raspberry and chai. All made with healthy ingredients that I feel comfortable consuming — no artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, preservatives, dairy, eggs, gluten or soy.
Very specifically, I wanted a shake that was plant based that would give me the vitamins and minerals my body needs. One serving of VeganSmart includes 22 vitamins and minerals and begins with a protein blend of pea protein, quinoa, chia, potato and chlorella. Then they include 9 different vegetables and fruits, naturally produced antioxidants, digestive enzymes and prebiotics, fiber and Omega-3 — click here to read all of the ingredients, to satisfy your own curiosity. There’s also VeganSlimwhich contains higher grams of protein which is intended to help keep you fuller longer. I already finished a giant tub of that, because like I said the smoothies are also pretty tasty.
Hip hop star Styles P has his own flavors — click here to check out their Love is Love crossover. Surfer Tia Blanco has her own flavor, peaches and cream.  According to the Hollywood Reporter, Russell Simmons says he starts the day with “a vegan shake with a fresh 12-ounce green juice, banana, blueberries, acai and goji berries and VeganSmart protein powder, which we are going to start manufacturing.” So there’s that! They recommend blending nutritious, vegan ingredients into the smoothies, like fresh fruit, dates, peanut butter, leafy green veggies…that kind of thing.
Honestly I haven’t yet blended my VeganSmart with fruits, veggies or juice — I just use a low calorie nut milk (almond, cashew, coconut or a blend) and it’s good enough for me. Their Facebook page features some inspiring photos, where they use VeganSmart in recipes. I may try this oatmeal soon!
Like I said, I’m not vegan in my day to day life. I just love fruits and veggies and I know my body needs more plant based nutrition. I enjoy these shakes as a nutritional supplement and drink them when I’m having a crazy day and am about to forget lunch or not have time to prepare a healthy meal. It’s a way to avoid making less healthy decisions later on. Here’s to a healthy, black owned independent business that’s trying to make a difference in their own way. Shoutout to VeganSmart and John Lewis!
Check them out online at and check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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