I love a good animal print. Snakeskin, giraffe, zebra, cheetah and leopard — I love them all, bring them on! For me animal prints aren’t a trend that vacillates with seasons — they’re simply classic. Leopard especially has long been a favorite for me, a wardrobe staple that I consider one of my neutrals. I wear it often in my day to day, but I especially reach for leopard when I need to feel “fierce,” seen in public, doing something Afrobella-related. I can’t get enough leopard, honestly truly. Even still, I’m always on the hunt for a new version of my classic favorite. So when I saw this tigress print popping up at City Chic, I knew that I HAD to have it in my arsenal!

Tiger is the perfect twist on the standard animal print, exactly the kind of print to give a classic look a little more edge, a little twist, something different. Rawr.

Here I’m wearing the tigress jacket, it’s super light and really ideal for late spring when it’s sunny/summer/tropical kind of weather. Click here to shop the jacket!

City Chic has all kinds of great tigress pieces on sale right now — I also have the tigress dress (click to shop). If I’m honest with myself, I also should have bought the tigress tunic (because POCKETS!) and tigress shirt to round out my collection. If they had a maxi dress in this print, it would be mine!

These earrings are from Eloquii — sold out, but click to see other pieces. They have really great quality accessories!

Here I’m pairing my tigress jacket with the toujours jumpsuit from Soft Surroundings. I love it because it’s simple and timeless, the fabric feels silky and luxurious, and it’s the kind of piece you can roll up in your suitcase and take anywhere. It didn’t require any ironing at all! I call those pieces essential. I love an easy, elegant travel-friendly jumpsuit and this can be dressed up or down so effortlessly.

Not sure if you’ve ever shopped Soft Surroundings, but you can find some chic pieces of quality there for sure. I especially love their jewelry.

Thanks to City Chic and Soft Surroundings for the look.

What do you think, is a tigress print for you?

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Pets says:
February 13, 2019, 3:02 pm
Just! Wow! Never thought of tiger print before so will look for something for my wardrobe .