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We Rocked Chicago!!

I feel like the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. I’m late! I’m late! Late to share my experience at Blogging While Brown and the fabulousity that was my Welcome to Chicago party. Mea culpa, bellas! It’s been almost two weeks since the best conference weekend ever, and I swear I’m still feeling the afterglow. […]

Make Your Makeup Last

Woo! The weather in Florida, I do not miss it one little bit. Hot, humid, sweltering… and look at that, it seems to have followed me all the way to Chicago! When the days are muggy your makeup can get to melting. And nobody wants to walk around looking like a runny ice cream cone […]

Lipstick – When Is “Nude,” Not Nude?

In 1962 Crayola changed the name of their “Flesh” crayon to “Peach”, out of respect for the then-burgeoning civil rights movement. The crayon company’s cultural sensitivity memo apparently never trickled down to some typically female-oriented industries. You can hit up any department store and find an array of foundation garments labelled “nude.” But if your […]

Oscar’s Bellas

Did you watch the Academy Awards this weekend? I live tweeted the whole thing, but still I want to shine a light on the beautiful bellas walking the red carpet. This was quite a year for black actresses at the Oscars! First of all, Taraji P. Henson absolutely took my breath away in her Roberto […]

A Brief Giveaway Update

Bellas, I’ve been getting e mails from the winners of the Cantu giveaway and I finally got word… that the packages haven’t been mailed out yet. I know! I was disappointed too. But the holiday crush proved to be a bit much for my friends at Cantu. And truth be told, I have no real […]

Magical Minerals

My mineral makeup experiences have been hit or miss. Initially I was a believer in Philosophy’s The Supernatural, but then I realized how deathly ashy I looked in some of my photographs and it occurred to me, maybe it’s my makeup’s fault! An interview I had with renowned makeup artist James Vincent confirmed my suspicions: […]

5 Things… I’m Loving This Week

In the spirit of Twitter, wherein I have to rein my thoughts into 140 characters, I’m starting a brand new category on Afrobella. I tend to be a longwinded writer — even a simple product review can turn into a 1,000 word post. So I thought I’d get my reviews and impressions out faster if […]