Fresh Fly Nailpolish Trends

Summertime is in full swing and it’s all about wearing your cutest sandals and letting your fingers and toes do the talking! I love the season, and it’s the perfect time to take risks with your safe, typical mani/pedi. Of course being a bella on a budget, you might be giving yourself a lot of […]

Bellas at the BET Awards!

Before I give tribute to the many, many famous and beautiful black women at the BET Awards last night, first a word to their publicists. Where ARE you? Holla at a blogger! It seems that whenever a cast member of Gossip Girls sneezes, I get a press release. If Paris Hilton strolls through a boutique, […]

Calling All Beautiful Black Women in NYC!

Just got word on this late today and had to pass it on ASAP! One of my favorite beauty brands, Make Up For Ever is having a real person casting call, and I hear they’re specifically looking for women with deeper skin tones! They’re looking for “very stylish NYC women.” Oooh, I know there’s a […]

My Week Without Deodorant

Like practically every other bella, I like a deodorant that’s “strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.” Meaning it has to step up and keep me respectable through the most oppressive heat and my body’s funkiest hormonal swings. The ideal deodorant would glide effortlessly onto my armpits and leave absolutely no trace, […]

Nails of the Season

Ever since The Makeup Girl shared her New York Fashion Week trends, I’ve been on the hunt for green nail polish. But here’s the rub — I can’t yet find the “British racing green” she described! Not Stateside, not yet. So in the meantime, I’ve been discovering some other gorgeous greens in shades that range […]

As Seen On Etsy — The Headband Edition

The Things I Wish I Knew Before I Went Natural post was one of my favorites this month — so many of you have great reasons to love wearing your hair as free as you want to be! You got me thinking about some more quirky, superficial reasons, and here’s a good one. Not just […]

What I Wish I Knew (Before I Went Natural)

I saw this brilliant feature over at YMIB, and LOVED it. YMIB Circle Sister NaturalReign’s, list of the 20 things she wished she knew before going natural made me think of a few things of my own. — I wish I’d known that the mysterious hairstyle I’d been looking for all my chemically-relaxed life, the […]