Happy Anniversary, Mama and Papa Bella

Today, September 28, 2008, marks four decades that my parents have been married. 40 years is no joke, especially considering my parents’ unusual romance. As my dad himself disclosed in an awesome comment on my Vegas post, he has “also experienced some negative reactions from family, friends and even people who do not know me […]

I’m in Vegas!

I totally meant to post something fun and fabulous before I left… but that didn’t work out. Time came down on me like a hammer, and the day of the trip turned out to be crazy. But I just wanted to let all of you know that I’m in Las Vegas for my sister in […]

Who’s Watching True Blood?

I’ve become less and less of a TV junkie. My comedic TV must-sees, The Office and 30 Rock, and Curb Your Enthusiasm are currently off the air, and my dramatic HBO addictions, The Sopranos and The Wire have gone for good. I wasn’t looking for a new show, but one found me. I gotta tell […]

Join me on Twitter!

Hola, bellas! I just added some more social networking to an already overcrowded list. Nichelle of 55 Secret Street convinced me to join Twitter. So come follow me, or add me, or friend me, or whatever it is you call it on Twitter. I think I got a lot to learn. Click here! ** edited […]

Project Runway Spoiler Alert

Did you watch last night’s challenge? Click here to see who won!

By Bellas, For Bellas

Afrobellas are strong, afrobellas are intelligent, afrobellas are stylish and creative. And some of the members of this beautiful community have let me know about the amazingly cool products they’re working on. So lemme tell you what your fellow bellas are up to! Ceecee is a regular commenter who’s always got insight to share, and […]

Marilyn’s Memorabilia

She’s been deceased for almost half a century now, but still the image of Marilyn Monroe looms large in Hollywood. She remains — and forever will be — the ultimate blond bombshell. Generations of starlets who have probably never even sat through one of her films beginning to end claim her as their idol. Lilo […]