Get In My Shoes!


I can be astoundingly picky when it comes to photographs of myself. I. Love. This. Photo. It was taken by amazing photographer Dan Chen, for an upcoming project that I am SUPER excited about (but can’t share with y’all just yet, but I can’t wait to tell you about!)

BTW, I mentioned this fabulous top when I mentioned my Silhouettes blogger boutique — do you like it? If you do, click here to buy it, and click here to check out my blogger boutique!

Today I am honored and excited to share an interview I did with Renae of In Her Shoes. We touched on everything from the best advice my mother ever gave me, to an average day in my life, to my thoughts on life in Chicago. Click here to read it. And if you’re not savvy to In Her Shoes yet, click here to read this amazing, inspiring blog. And click here to follow Renae on Twitter! She is a GREAT person I am delighted to know.

Thank you SO much for the opportunity, Renae! I hope you like my interview, bellas!

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  1. warrior11209 says:

    Love the pic- hair, shoes , makeup, acessories – all on point. Looking good Bella!

  2. That’s a great shot Patrice!

  3. Love the photo B. A reflection of your lumonisity. Your hair is awesome.

    Keep shinin”.

  4. Patrice already knows how very proud we are of her. She has the talent and instincts to match her curiousity and courage to try new and different things. She is dynamic and unafraid to dream, explore and do.
    We truly enjoy her efforts and constantly look out for new, fresh stuff from her.
    She is a really beautiful person and daughter.

    We love you Patrice. Keep reaching higher and higher; you will get there on your own terms.

  5. OK, the comment from dad has me over here holding back tears! As a fellow “daddy’s little girl” I know that this unconditional love from the first man in our lives truly makes a difference and gives us the confidence we need to be empowered & fearless!

    It was an honor featuring you, lady. Keep SHINING!


  6. BreeNachelle says:

    Your comment from dad is wonderful. You have a great family!!

  7. Your interview on Renae’s blog offers wonderful insight into your life, how your blog started, etc. Thanks for sharing your story. I started out with a j-degree, working in traditional media, and now I’m doing something completely different professionally. But I still enjoy writing and have just started to get into blogging. Bella, keep doing what you’re doing! It’s inspiring. :)

  8. Awww…your pops is the sweetest! Love the hair!

  9. That photo is BANGIN’! And the sweet words from your dear father were the icing on the cake!

  10. You look gorgeous!! Love the top too. You are one hot lady:)

  11. You look FANTASTIC! I love this! BTW, how are you doing with you diet/exercise routine? I haven’t noticed a post on that in a while.

  12. SO PURTY!!!! I love candid shots like those :-D

  13. I want to thank you for your blog. After discovering your blog this summer, I felt empowered to remain natural. I’ve been natural for 6 mos. YOU have been a daily encourager toward my self acceptance–loving my natural self. Thank YOU! Also, thanks for being a light for other writers & dreamers. I wish you much continued success.
    P.S. You are truly beautiful!!!! Sounds like you have an awesome dad…and husband!

  14. SO proud of you, Bella! Keep it up! (And stay warm down there in the South Loop, lol…)

  15. Congrats on the interview. This is a great photo. You’re glowing :-)

  16. Wow, that was interview was great, so full of great advice an inspiration, better than a cup of coffee to get my day started :-)

  17. Bella. You look amazing in that photo. And my how much your hair has grown.


  18. You look PHENOMENAL!!!!!!

  19. Lovely, Bella.

  20. I love your interview, and you look beautiful. It would be great if you became a personality on NPR! Best of luck!

  21. I love this pic :)

  22. Lashae Jones says:

    congrats !!! i saw u in this month ESSENCE mag!!. i recognized this photo immediately .. good luck and god bless on the adventures!!..

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