How did it creep up so fast? Bellas – Spa Week will take place April 12th to 18th. That’s next week!! Hopefully you’ve already visited to make your appointments. If not, HURRY because many of those sweet $50 slots are most likely filled, or filling up fast!

If you’re a Spa Week newbie or a spa novice in general, allow me to share some tips to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

1. Consider your potential treatment carefully. Just because something is trendy or the treatment du jour, doesn’t mean it’s right for you (or worth your time and money). Take for example, vajazzling. Everyone and their mother is talking about it so you may be curious…but first you should read about the procedure itself and then read about the uh…after effects. Spa Week’s $50 treatments provide a great opportunity to try something you’ve been curious about but otherwise couldn’t afford (hello, acupuncture!), but it’s always smart to educate yourself about the pros and cons before you head off to the spa.

2. Look at the time. I am ALL about getting spa bang for the spa buck, so when you browse the treatments being offered consider the length of the treatment. For example, Chocolate for your Body spa here in Chicago (which sounds AWESOME, amiright?) is offering three treatments. Two are an hour long. One’s a 90 minute mani/pedi. If I had to choose, I’d SO go for the 90 minute mani/pedi. When it comes to time at the spa, MORE is more IMO.

3. Would I recommend laser hair removal for Spa Week? No. Because laser hair removal can’t typically be done in one treatment, and you’ll have to go back to get the rest of it done. And guess what? It probably won’t be spa week then and you’ll have to shell out quite a bit more than $50 for your follow up treatment.

4. Stick to your comfort zone, but don’t be afraid to try something new. What do I mean, contradicting myself this way? I mean you should go for a treatment you feel comfortable with, but still try something unique. If you love massages but have only had traditional techniques done before, try a hot stone massage instead. If you’ve only gotten the custom facial, then maybe try an aromatherapy facial. If you like traditional spas, stick to recognized names — here in Chicago, the Red Door Spa and the Spa at Saks Fifth Avenue are participating. Can’t get more traditional than that! But if you typically hate facials, or feel uncomfortable during massages don’t waste your Spa Week appointment on something you won’t enjoy. I just heard a spa horror story of this kind, where a friend booked a massage appointment for his mom who “hates being touched.” She went (to be nice) and HATED it. Well, duh! Stick to your spa comfort zone, but make sure you get an indulgence that’s worthwhile!

5. You’ve just paid $50 for your treatment. Do you tip? YES. The treatments during Spa Week are often significantly reduced, but the massage therapists, aestheticians, and manicurists will be working just as hard. Show them some love and use some of the money you’re saving on the discounted treatment to give them a tip that reflects your appreciation.

And bonus tip #6 – Don’t fret if you missed the boat. Spring Spa Week is almost here, but there’s also Fall Spa Week in September and October!

Did you book an appointment for Spring Spa Week? What are you getting?

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