Most of the time on this blog if I’m talking about hair it’s all about preserving and celebrating the strands you have on your head – but this is about the other kind of hair. The hair that you wish wouldn’t grow as long or as thick. Bellas, let’s talk body hair. And let’s discuss ways of removing it.

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When I’ve written posts like this in the past, I’ve been accused of shunning hirstute bellas who are fine with their body hair situation the way it is. Please know that I’m not here for judgment, I’m just here to share information, opinion and what’s working for me!

I’ve had some pretty awful hair removal experiences in the past — remember, I spent some of my Miami years getting waxed everywhere and blogging about it. It’s been three years and I’m STILL good on that. Let me tell you all the hair removal methods and products that work for me!


Nobody likes to acknowledge the upper lip and face situation, but it’s a reality. I am of the belief that it can make a real difference in your appearance. I know many who leave their facial hair alone. For me, regularly regulating my situation keeps me looking and feeling extra clean, neat and pretty. Typically I have my eyebrows professionally threaded or waxed, and I take care of the upper lip and sideburns on my own, because waxing those sensitive areas typically leads to unsightly breakouts for me. (Side note — I know MANY women who choose to bleach these areas, and I’m here to tell you that the growout period on bleached facial hair can leave you looking like a bumblebee around the face. Consider that a cautionary tale from experience).

I use and appreciate the gentleness of the Olay Facial Hair Removal Duo — which also comes in a stronger variety for coarse hair . Step one is a “Skin Guarding Balm,” which is basically like a lipbalm that you rub on your lady ‘stache to protect your skin. Step two is the removal cream, and it weakens the hair to the point where you can just wipe it off. So easy and effortless. The only downside is, depilatory products only work if you’ve got hair of the length and thickness to effectively remove. This won’t work on stubble, so keep that in mind. And if you have really sensitive skin, depilatories may not be the product type for you under any circumstance, so keep that in mind.


Do you shave, wax, or use a depilatory when it’s time to remove your body hair? For legs, I prefer shaving and if I’m shaving I want one of those fancy razors with gels and soapy substances embedded right in the blade. My razor du jour is the excellent Schick Hydro Silk. I like all the Schick razors, Intuition was one of my earlier introductions to special razor heads that keep your legs moist and nick free. The Hydro Silk has a sleeker profile and head, so it’s smaller and easier to maneuver, but just as moisturizing to make shaving easier. Word to the wise – store your razor in a dry area to prolong the life of those expensive razor heads, because nothing is sadder than reaching for your razor and watching the fancy padding around your blades basically melt off and rinse down the drain.



For body hair removal I’m a big fan of depilatories, but the grow out period can be frustrating depending on your lifestyle and schedule. I happen to love the effortlessness of using them. I get in the bathroom, slather some hair remover on my legs, put on a face mask and set my shower song playlist, and all the hair rinses away by the time I get under the water. So easy. For fragrance and feel, I prefer Veet – the hair removal gel creme comes with the little spatula to scrape away your hair, et voila, smooth, hairless, nick-free legs with the barest minimum of effort.


After the aforementioned series of wretched waxing experiences, I’m still good on that. I use the Shake Your Beauty method, as broken all the way down in this awesomely titled post. Tia be knowin’.


Any kind of impermanent hair removal method is going to result in stubble, and potential ingrown hairs – and some areas are obviously more prone than others, depending. If you’re dealing with an area that’s prone to post-hair removal breakouts and ingrown hairs, consider using a dermatologist tested bump solution – I’m a fan of Bikini Zone products. You’ll also find a good, gentle exfoliating body scrub or wash can make the grow-out period less traumatic. Ubiquitous chain European Wax Center makes a special body wash and lotion intended to improve the aftercare experience. Slow It body wash includes a blend of aloe vera, jojoba beads, sugarcane, lemon, apple and green tea extract to encourage cell reproduction, and the body lotion includes aloe and antioxidants to sooth and smooth. Can’t get a hold of that? At the drugstore there’s the delicious Aveeno smoothing pomegranate body wash which is gently exfoliating and moisturizing.

And those are my favorite products for dealing with body hair. What are yours? How do you do hair removal?



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