Bellas, I’m happy to kick off 2016 (and my 10th year of Afrobella) with some big, awesome news. I’m going to New York for Fashion Week, to emcee TextureMedia’s Texture On the Runway event! I’m so super excited for so many reasons. I attended Texture on the Runway in 2012 (click here to see the pics)and it was an event I’ll never forget. So many beautiful styles, so many beautiful people! All shades and textures of beautiful were in the building that night. It was like a glamorous family reunion, filled with love and hope for the future of natural, kinky, coily, blessed and highly textured hair. Now it’s 2016 and our industry has evolved in so many ways. It’s such a great time to bring this fabulous event all the way back. I am truly honored to be an active participant in this year’s Texture on the Runway, which is sponsored by Target and set to take place on February 13 in NYC – click here to check out their official website!


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Another reason I’m excited – this is officially the first time I’ve ever worked directly with TextureMedia. So crazy!  From day one of starting Afrobella, I’ve been aware of their pioneering position in the celebration of naturally curly hair. I was a member of the CurlTalk Curlmunity way back in 2006 and it was always a great resource of natural hair information and honest product reviews. To be invited to cohost this signature event — where together we will shine a spotlight on the beauty of highly textured hair during the height of Fashion Week in New York City — truly feels like a bucket list career moment for me. I’m SO psyched and honored to be chosen for this opportunity.

There will be some truly inspirational and aspirational fashion and hair styles in the house – hair goals, if you will. I can’t wait to see what’s unveiled on the runway! In the meantime, however, I have some predictions. Some expectations. I have some hair foresight for 2016, based on my history in the game and what I observed from last year’s trends. So before I head to NYC to see if I’m right, allow me to fill you in on my Hair Trend Forecast for 2016.


Afrobella’s Hair Trend Forecast 2016


Short Cuts Take Center Stage – I am so ready for this trend! Tapered cuts with distinctive undercuts and marks became a big trend last summer. It’s not about to go away anytime soon, and it’s not just going to be a summer thing. The new tapered cuts are bold, funky and make a statement without being all about hair length. I’m so with it. Short hair doesn’t necessarily require a lot of product – you might want to try a humectant pomade like Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey. You can rub it together in your hands and apply wherever you need to tame flyaways and add shine. A light product that gives shine and hold, like Cantu’s Define and Shine Custard can also do the trick.

Healthy Hair Will Return to the Forefront – The hottest styles of 2015 were head-turners for sure, but repeated hair dying, heat styling and braiding can be challenging to delicate hair. Add harsh weather elements and you’ve got a recipe for lasting hair damage. I think there’s quite a few naturalistas who will be focusing on hair health this year. I recommend kicking it off with a decadent weekly deep conditioner, like Design Essentials Coconut and Monoi Masque or adding a heavier treatment like Crème of Nature Intensive Conditioning Treatment to the weekday mix.

Edges Snatch The Spotlight – Anyone who’s been through intense protective styles or braids knows, edges are to be cherished and nurtured. With the new focus on healthy, fresh shorter hairstyles and cuts, it’s a no-brainer that edges and edge related products would take the forefront. Curls Blueberry Control Paste is a great flake-free edge tamer, and Design Essentials Edge Tamer is a stylist favorite for good reason.

Water Based Moisturizers FTW – The LOC and LCO methods took root within recent years, and some brands began product lines dedicated to the cause. It took some of us a long time to realize that water is the only thing that penetrates and actually moisturizes our hair. Figuring out when to seal that moisture in (and with what) continues to be a quest for many of us. A light, water based spray-on leave in conditioner is necessary year round. From the Texture on the Runway collection I’d recommend Dark and Lovely Au Natural Super Quench Leave-In Spray (which is part of their LOC collection, by the way). I also love Curls Lavish Curls Daily Moisturizer spray on leave-in to quench my hair’s thirst before adding heavier product to seal in that nourishing moisture.

Hair Care Round the Clock –  We’re all seeking ways to get in the self care and hair care we need, but we don’t always have the time. There are a few products on the market intended to give natural hair the kind of 24/7 nourishment we’re craving:  Jane Carter Slumber Party Creamy Leave-In Conditioner is a spray on product rich in restorative lipids like sunflower and maracuja oil. Cantu Argan Leave-In Conditioner Repair Cream is intended to protect textured hair from the elements and heat exposure.

Other Kinds of Butters – We love our shea, yes we do. But some bellas are allergic. Others among us aren’t getting great results from shea butter, no matter how much they try. In 2016, more of us are going to try shea butter alternatives. Brands like ORS Olive Oil and Curls make products that don’t use shea butter for bellas who prefer aloe, glycerin, monoi or olive oil for their natural hair.

I’m looking forward to seeing if my hair trend forecast comes to life on the runway. NYC, here I come!

You can shop the Texture on the Runway Collection at  Talk to me on social! Tell me which of my hair trends you’re most likely to get into! And tell me about YOUR hair trend predictions, using the hashtag #TargetStyle. On February 13, keep on top of #TextureOnTheRunway #TargetStyle to join the conversation in real time.


This post was sponsored by Target but the opinions are all mine, bellas!



KLP @ SavingOurStrands says:
January 26, 2016, 3:26 pm
YASSSS to healthy hair and laid edges honey! Can't wait to see you at Texture On the Runway! KLP @
pets says:
January 27, 2016, 8:25 am
So thrilled and happy for you! Will follow Texture on the Runway next month!
Breezy Tee says:
January 28, 2016, 8:15 am
Fingers crossed healthy hair is the biggest trend. Forget length, texture and patterns. Whatever beautiful way your hair grows, healthy should be the focus. Ps, I love a sharp tapered cut!
Erickah says:
January 31, 2016, 2:18 pm
This sounds amazing. I am truly happy for you! Erickah @
Teresa Parler says:
March 4, 2016, 9:11 am
So far your predictions are spot on! Short hair is all the craze for naturals and relaxed ladies alike. Your blogs are always so much fun to read. Good luck on everything, not that you need it. XOXO


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