This post is sponsored by JD Williams.

As you may well already know, yours truly grew up on the hot and sunny island of Trinidad. And then I moved to America, eventually landing in the not-always-hot-and-sunny city of Chicago. It took me forever to figure out the seasons — what to wear, how to layer, so many questions! But finally, it’s been 7 years plus and I have come to understand all of the seasonal changes. I even LOVE a couple of them. Take for example, fall. The season I didn’t grow up experiencing for half of my life, is now officially my favorite!

It took me a while to figure out my fall fashion aesthetic, but finally I think I’ve nailed it. I understand the fundamentals of layering and I know the kind of looks I like. So when my friends at new UK fashion brand JD Williams asked me to join their Style Tribe campaign, I was honored to be thought of. When they told me they tapped me to represent the “Effortlessly Stylish” tribe, I was SO delighted because I know how long it took for my style to seem effortless.



JD Williams is the sister brand to Simply Be, and they’re focused on bringing their customers great value, quality products and  perfect fitting clothes in contemporary women’s styles in sizes up to a 28. You’ll see familiar brands on their site, like Joe Browns, Joanna Hope and more.

I wanted my look to capture the essence of fall, all the things I love. Fall fashion is about rich jewel tones and deepening hues, and its also about the changing temperatures around you. My go-tos for fall are all about color — I love burgundy and oxblood, indigo and sapphire. I adore metallics all year round,  but especially from fall into winter, when they provide such a dramatic pop against the landscape. I love cozy, comfortable texture you can snuggle into on those blustery days when you’d rather stay indoors. This is how I do effortless style.


Burgundy, indigo, cozy texture, metallic pop of color. Done, done and done!


I really loved that I was even able to find the details in necklace form. Check out the color and texture of the woven layered necklace! 

What am I wearing? Let me break it on down:


Joe Brown’s Easy Wearing Cardigan in burgundy

this metallic sweater in rose gold

these premium high waisted bootcut jeans

this metallic satchel bag

and the aforementioned woven necklace. Boots are my own.

The cardigan and jeans are great for everyday, but the rose gold metallic sweater is a showstopper. So if you’re planning to go to the supermarket in it, prepare to turn some heads. I definitely did!



My personal style centers on ease – I don’t like to feel uncomfortable or too fussy. I want my clothes to make me feel relaxed, happy, beautiful and free. I love a cool jacket or cardigan, dresses that go with the flow, and accessories that can go from day to night and make a statement anytime. My everyday look involves great fitting jeans, super cute flat shoes and distinctive jewelry. It’s about comfort, confidence and effortless, undeniable style.”  

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And check out the Style Tribe Page to see some of my  favorite blogger friends rock JD Williams! You can shop this and other Effortlessly Stylish looks right here.


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Thanks for including me in your Style Tribe, JD Williams!

This post was sponsored by JD Williams, but the style and opinions are all me, babe 🙂


pets says:
October 19, 2016, 6:31 pm
That sweater really glows! Like the colour scheme and the clothes look stylish yet comfortable. Is this an online store only?
Kiss & Make-up says:
October 20, 2016, 4:39 am
Oh I love the metallic top :-D
Dee says:
October 22, 2016, 4:39 pm
Very nice look. Absolutely love the rose gold sweater.
Martha V. Barros says:
November 18, 2016, 12:50 pm
Looking so gorgeous. I love to wear chunky turtleneck sweaters you may try!