Ask Afrobella — Growing Up Afrobella

I got a question last month that made me smile. Here tis — Hi Afrobella, First off let me say I love your site and can’t get enough of it every day. I have a toddler who just turned four and I decided yesterday that instead of straightening her hair and putting lots of barrettes […]

Ask Afrobella — A $5 Makeover??

If you’ve been on this Afrobella journey with me for any length of time, hopefully you’ll realize — I am all about bellas on a budget. I believe that just about every woman wants to feel beautiful every now and then, whether they’re stacking lots of paper, or struggling to get by. These almost-recession days […]

Ask Afrobella — Curly, Coily, Kinky, or Coarse

I had a really interesting experience recently. Picture this. It’s a Wednesday afternoon, I’d just finished my deadline for work. About to have a window of downtime before the cycle picks up again… Then my editor-in-chief calls and asks me to represent our newspaper on a panel at a meeting of the South Florida Black […]

Ask Afrobella — That Furry Feeling

I am ashamed at how long it’s taken me to slog through these Ask Afrobellas. I need an intern! I am literally drowning in e mail. Mea maxima culpa, bellas who have asked questions in 2008. I will make it up to you! Here’s one I’ve been meaning to get to from a regular reader. […]

Worth A Click

Here’s a random assortment of the Afrobella-related issues I’ve been meaning to address… One Door Opens Where Another Door Closes — Today at 1 p.m., New York Governor Designate David Paterson will be sworn in before the State Legislator, effectively ending Eliot Spitzer’s in-office shame spiral. Thus far, the result of this whole incident has […]

Ask Afrobella — Help For the Shiny Bella

For some of us, it’s a perennial problem. For others, it crops up when the weather grows warmer and humidity rises in the air. An attack of the shinies is never cute, and it’s very common among women of color. Here’s a recent Ask Afrobella question about what we in Trinidad call “fry bake syndrome.” […]

Ask Afrobella — Easy, Breezy, Beautiful… Worth It?

Heyo! I got a recent Ask Afrobella question that dovetails nicely into this review/giveaway I’ve been working on. Away we go! I just came across your website yesterday. It is indeed great! I found it through temptalia’s website (ed — which I adore. Check em out for makeup tips!). Anyway, I did come across on […]