Who’s Down With No Buy Month?

When my amiga The Frugalista mentioned that February was going to be her second go-round at No Buy Month (The Remix, LOL), I got so excited! I mean, I just put in notice at my day job, so right about now a bella needs to be stacking as much paper as possible! The basic concept […]

Words To Live By

When I was … what, eleven or twelve years old? I had one of those teachers you remember forever. Mrs. Silvera. She was awesome. There are so many things I’ve forgotten and supressed from those formative years, but the Mrs. Silvera experience could never be one of them. This is partially because she made our […]

Rolling the Dice On My Life

Remember the New Year’s post I wrote, 2009 is mine? I wrote words that were meant to inspire and electrify, but I didn’t explicitly state the kind of changes I had in store. When I said: “2009 is MINE. My year to grab life by the reins. My year to be the change I’ve been […]

Diversity Day!

Hey bellas! I’ve got an exciting career advancing proposition for you, on behalf of one of my favorite bloggers in the game! The one and only Carmen Van Kerckhove, creator of Racialicious and president of the diversity education firm New Demographic, is offering the kind of diversity training I can get behind. Carmen is all […]

Class Action Cosmetics!

Yet another tip of the hat to the Frugalista — today’s tip made me shriek in excitement. If you visited a high end department store and overpaid for some cosmetics between May 29, 1994 and July 16, 2003, you could be in for a freebie, thanks to a class action lawsuit. From Businessweek: “Starting next […]

2009 is MINE!

Happy New Year, bellas!! This isn’t a post about resolutions or lists or the promises we make to ourselves every year — that post will come next week, after some much needed R&R&R. That’s Rest, Relaxation, and Reflection. I need some time to think and prepare for this new year. This is about my New […]

Last Minute Gifts, By Bellas For Bellas

In a perfect world, I would have posted this roundup of fabulous by bellas, for bellas items over a week ago. But as many of you know, the holidays can be insanely hectic. I feel like the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. I’m late! I’m late! I don’t know if you can still put […]