First Blush

Blush scares me. A pretty pink glow always seems to work well for my caucasian friends, but whenever I’ve tried to apply cheek stain to myself or had it applied by a makeup artist, I didn’t like how it over-accented my round “Grell” cheeks. (It’s definitely a family trait.) I see blush as a dangerous […]

A Most Favorable Comparison

My friend and former co-worker, the witty and wise Rebecca Wakefield, wrote a wonderful article about Afrobella on Category 305. It’s a new online magazine that offers artistic, cultural, and social analysis about this spicy sancoche of a city we have here. In the article, she compares my post The Blacker the Berry with a […]

Fade Cream Update

Normally, I don’t post anything new until Thursday. Once my work deadlines are met, I can return to the calming safety of Afrobella. But I got this in an e mail and I had to share. It seems that the FDA wants to ban the use of over-the-counter skin bleach. I suppose the possible reasons […]

Blot It Out

My first encounter with blotting sheets came early. My mom always seemed to have a slender packet of Papier Poudre tucked into her purse, and even when I was a wee one, she would wipe a thin, powdery sheet over my face whenever I got too shiny. Papier Poudre is a fine product – I […]

The Grass Always Looks Greener…

I grew up in a pretty well-off nook of Trinidad. I didn’t have the same complexion as many of the friends I grew up with in my neighborhood. I remember many a sunny Saturday spent lounging in the pool, when two of my light-skinned or Trini white friends would play a game that I’ll call […]

Afrobella of the Week: Janelle Monae

I’ve expressed my admiration for Janelle Monae a few times before. I first caught sight of her in the Outkast video for “Morris Brown”, which reminds me of an urban Who Framed Roger Rabbit. (I hope those guys never break up, the game needs their kind of creativity.) I love her style. Homegirl is fierce. […]

Pissed Off

This is the Angie Stone I love best. She’s so real and strong and bad-ass in this video, with her fabulous fro, henna rinse, and leather skirt. “Brotha” is one of the best music videos out there in my opinion. Mahogany Soul is one of my favorite albums, and I’ve listened to Stone Hits […]