The Art of Maturing Elegantly

Tina Turner shows us all how it’s done with a rare appearance at the Giorgio Armani fashion show in Milan. Note the ageless bob, flawless makeup, and a to-die-for suit that reveals how she’s maintained her figure. I just wish that this was a full-body shot, because you know Tina’s showing off those famous legs! […]

Worth a Click

Oooh, hot couple alert! Chris Tucker and India.Arie are rumored to be dating! I never got a chance to post this before, but I was digging India’s style at the Grammy’s. It’s nice to know there’s at least one bona fide afrobella always holding the natural hair at the forefront. Be still my heart — […]

Afrobella of the Week: Tamara Tunie

When did NBC become my favorite channel? I’ll admit I was skeptical when the American version of The Office began, but from perhaps the second or third episode when they stopped relying on jokes from the British version so much, it became my favorite show on television bar none. (I’m so much of a fan […]

Nip Tuck

The names have been changed but the story remains the same. I always thought Chanelle was pretty. She had sparkling, almond -shape eyes and absolutely flawless mahogany skin. But she couldn’t see her own beauty, and she could never accept a compliment graciously. Why? Because Chanelle hated her nose. “My nose is so ugly. It’s […]

Much Too Much

So this has been a big weekend for hair in the news. First Britney Spears’ public meltdown begins in earnest, then I see this picture of Kelis’ new cotton candy ‘do over at Concrete Loop. Good grief. That picture of Kelis makes me want to slather on a deep conditioning treatment, sit under my steam […]

Throwback Jam of the Day

Do any of you remember this song? The first time I saw “Ghetto Superstar” was back in the day on BET. It must have been 1996, because I distinctly remember wearing my high school uniform. The video was so fresh and funky and unusual; I was psyched to see what this Joi chick was […]

With Love, From Me To You

So today’s the day that heart-shaped sentiment will be shoved down our collective throat. Millions of dollars worth of flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears will be purchased and delivered. All of the television shows will have some kind of theme of romance. Valentine’s Day again. Yuck. Despite the commercial nature of February 14, I hope […]