Dear Mama

Mother’s Day is coming up fast, and now’s the best time to show the beautifully maturing bellas in your life that they are appreciated. I’ve been reviewing products, scouting for discounts, and compiling a list of some of the best deals for Mother’s Day, and I’ve got suggestions that will definitely please your mom. My […]

Afrobella of the Week: CCH Pounder, Captain Afrobella

We have a television schedule around the household. Sunday night’s The Sopranos, Monday night’s 24 and Heroes. Wednesday’s Lost. Thursday it’s all about comedy night done right, especially my two favorite sitcoms, The Office and 30 Rock. And Tuesday night belongs to The Shield. What a show! The Shield is one of the most intense, […]

Mighty Mahalia Jackson

On days when I feel low, I need to step away from my usual routines and get in touch with my spiritual side. Although I’m not a regular churchgoer (in fact, I am still referred to as “the little heathen” by a much-loved family member who shall remain nameless), I do have one. I’m not […]

Afrobella On Your Radio!

A month ago I was interviewed on Cocoa Mode, an XM Satellite radio program that airs every Saturday & Sunday at 1:00pm ET on The Power, XM Channel 169. The DJ, Shawna, was good enough to send me the audio from our last interview, which I will share online with you as soon as I […]

Ask Afrobella: Own Your Fro!

I get quite a few e mails from new-on-the-scene afrobellas, or transitioning bellas, who are concerned about how to style natural hair. So many of the traditional straight hairstyles go out the window once you go natural, and in certain environments there’s a pressure to conform to silly style rules and regulations. Take for example, […]

Worth A Click

I’m number two!, Trinidad and Tobago’s user driven social content website, ranked Afrobella number two in the list of top ten Trinidad and Tobago blogs, right behind Saucydiva’s perennially popular Trinidad Carnival Diary. I’m beyond honored to know that so many people at home are reading, and to share the spotlight with so many […]

Don’t Call It a Haircut

After years of my hair being the same lame chin length (couldn’t grow much longer than that, thanks to the overprocessing) followed by an overgrown, shaggy pixie cut, it was really weird when I noticed my hair actually growing again. But after I made the big decision to go natural and took a long break […]